General Hospital: Spoilers For February 2021

Published on January 27, 2021.

January was an incredible month in the land of Port Charles; however, February will be much more intense! With it being a sweeps month, there should be plenty of new relationships on the horizon, even more drama, as well as secrets revealed! Learn more about what will happen with Britt, Jason, Sam, Dante, Alexis, Sonny, Carly, Ava, and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for February 2021.

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13. Sam’s World

GH spoilers hint that Sam will do her best to move on from Jason this month, by focusing on family and friendships. Added teasers imply that she’ll help mom Alexis get her life in order, as it seems Davis will finally be ready to put the bottle behind her. In other Sam news, her “friendship” with Dante will continue to grow in February.

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12. Helping Elizabeth

GH spoilers also suggest that Sam will stay involved with the Liz/Franco storyline. Could she stop Jason from doing the unthinkable when it comes to Baldwin? In other related teasers, Franco will turn to Kevin for some insight on his situation, in early February. Speaking of Kevin, his wife Laura will be embroiled in a sibling rivalry war with Cyrus, and the hospital will be at the helm of it all.

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11. Jason and Britt

While Dante and Sam will be bonding this month, so will Jason and Britt. GH spoilers state they form an alliance and work on a scheme against Cyrus Renault. In added teasers, Cyrus will grow very impatient in February, but it seems as if he’ll have some ammunition when it comes to the Corinthos family, and he won’t be afraid to use it.

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10. Sonny’s Goodbye

Fans know that Sonny is alive and well; however, Carly and the rest of the clan will still be in the dark in February. GH spoilers suggest that Corinthos will go from “missing” to officially “passed away” in the weeks ahead. This will mean a memorial service for Sonny this month, where friends and family will sadly gather to say goodbye.

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9. Mike Struggles

Mike, a.k.a. Sonny, will work hard to piece his past together, but it’ll be a struggle for him. There’s a good chance that Sonny will continue to stay away from Port Charles for the entire month of February, and potentially into March. Phyllis and Lenny are currently trying to help “Mike” get back on his feet, so here’s hoping they can identify his mental health issue. Perhaps placing him on the appropriate meds for bipolar disorder could be the first big step in him “remembering” who he is.

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8. Nina Learns The Truth

Nina’s bio daughter storyline has dragged on for far too long, and it seems as if February 2021 will finally be the month where Reeves learns the whole truth! GH spoilers note that Nina will be fixated on learning the truth, and all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place in the coming weeks.

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7. Jax and Carly’s Lies Revealed

GH spoilers suggest that the necklace will play a huge part in the big reveal for Nina. Added teasers indicate that Reeves will also learn about Carly and Jax’s role in hiding the truth from her, and she’ll be utterly devasted and feel very betrayed. Will Nina turn to Valentin for support?

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6. Double-Wedding Drama

GH spoilers are implying a dire situation will arise during the double-wedding event where Peter and Maxie, as well as Anna and Finn, are supposed to get married. Sounds as if shots might be fired during the nuptials, and some innocent characters could get caught in the crossfire. Added teasers hint that Chase and Maxie could become victims of the shooting when all is said and done. With that said, Anna, Finn, and Peter will all be affected by what goes down, too.

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5. Anna’s Eyes Are Opened

Speaking of Devane, GH spoilers for February reveal that Anna will receive some interesting answers about Peter, which will rock her world. Added teasers hint that here “eyes could be opened” to Peter and his true intentions. Sounds as if August won’t have her in his corner for much longer.

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4. Finn Tries To Uncover The Truth

While Anna learns about her “son,” Finn will learn he has a son in February. GH spoilers indicate that the good doctor will seek out some truths from Jackie Templeton. He’ll want to get down to the real story, and there’s a good chance that she’ll reveal that Chase isn’t his brother, rather he’s his child.

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3. Willow, Chase, Sasha, and Michael

February will usher in some reunions, as Valentine’s Day episodes will profile some steamy scenes between Michael and Sasha, as well as Willow and Chase. While Sasha will be over the moon about her possible future with Corinthos, GH spoilers hint that Brando’s situation with Cyrus could pull her in a different direction. Added teasers hint that Willow and Chase’s reunion might not go as planned. Will these two couples stay together for long?

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2. Port Charles Teen Scene

GH spoilers state that Taggert will work hard to regain Trina’s trust back, but he won’t have it easy. In other teen scene news, Joss will learn about what Dev did with her journal, and some issues could arise as Cam and Trina did keep this from her. Can Josslyn forgive her friends for this?

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1. More Spoilers!

Ava and Nik take the time to celebrate Valentine’s day while Olivia will continue to mull over the idea of “forgiveness” when it comes to Ned’s one-night stand. Lastly, GH spoilers indicate that Curtis will also go back-and-forth on whether he can get over Jordan and her past lies, and Scotty will get a chance to catch up with Jackie earlier on in the month.

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