General Hospital: Spoilers For January 2021

Published on January 6, 2021.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! It’s a brand-new year, which means plenty of new drama is in store for the residents of Port Charles! Tensions continue to rise between Cyrus and Jason while the saga between Chase, Willow, and Michael rolls on. Also, Olivia may be headed down a path that reveals something stunning. Learning about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for January 2021.

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12. Cyrus Taken Aback

GH spoilers for early January imply that Jordan might fight back when it comes to Cyrus. Renault will snap his fingers at her, but it sounds as if she’ll be ready to stand her ground when it comes to the mob boss. In other related teasers, Jordan will turn to Jason for some help.

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11. Renault Figures Things Out

GH spoilers imply that Cyrus will get to the bottom of his recent issues in January. Could he figure out where his mom is, or does he have information on Sonny’s whereabouts? In other potentially related teasers, Carly will have to make a very hard decision in the coming weeks.

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10. A Meeting Of The Minds

There’s a good chance GH fans won’t be seeing Sonny in the next couple of weeks. GH spoilers hint that Jason and Brick will meet in mid-January. Sounds as if the two will sit down and discuss the mob boss’s business, or perhaps come up with a solid plan when it comes to locating Corinthos.

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9. Brando’s Update

Meanwhile, GH spoilers hint that Brando will provide an update for Jason in early January. There’s a good chance he’ll bring Stone Cold into the loop regarding Cyrus’s information on Dev, and how it could come back to haunt Jason and the entire Corinthos clan. In related teasers, both Sasha and Britt will set their sights on bringing down Cyrus Renault this month. But both also need to proceed with caution, and Jason will caution Westbourne on this.

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8. Sasha’s World

While December 2020 was a low point for Sasha, January 2021 might offer up to be a good month. GH spoilers hint that she’ll be there for Michael when he needs support, and she’ll also have Maxie going to bat for her when Jones tries to convince Nina to place Sasha on the Crimson cover.

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7. Chase, Michael, and Willow

While Sasha will comfort Michael, it seems as if his eyes will still be locked on Willow this month. GH spoilers tease that there will still be some bad blood between Michael and Chase in January, as Willow goes back and forth on who she should be with. In fact, Chase will turn to Finn for some advice. Can the good doctor steer his brother in the right direction?

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6. Olivia’s On A Mission

GH spoilers relay that Olivia will be on a mission come January 2021. She’ll turn to Sam for help, and the two will partner up to work on something. It seems as if Olivia be on a “quest” for the truth. As time progresses, she’ll turn to Robert Scorpio for help, and eventually reach out to Tracy as well.

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5. Tracy Comes Close To Revealing All

Time to rewind a bit, though. What has Olivia triggered to get to the bottom of something? GH spoilers hint that Tracy will come very close to letting the cat out of the bag when it comes to the one-night stand between Ned and Alexis. After that incident, Olivia launches her mission. Will she get down to the bottom of things? In related teasers, Tracy and Finn will make time to catch up.

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4. Sam Overhears

As Olivia is on her quest, will her buddy Sam come through for her? GH spoilers indicate that Sam will be at the right place at the right time, and will overhear something very important. Does she listen in on a conversation between Ned and Alexis? In other related teasers, Dante and Sam will bond in January.

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3. Teen Scene

GH spoilers suggest that Joss will agree with her dad Jax this month, and it sounds like they’ll be able to meet each other in the middle regarding her safety and staying in the little town. Meanwhile, added teasers imply that Cam and Trina might decide to withhold something from Joss this month.

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2. Jax and Nina

Speaking of good old Jasper Jax, GH spoilers for January reveal that he and Nina will decide to take a major step in their relationship. With that said, Jax will find himself apologizing to Nina as the month drags on. What has he done now, and will she forgive him?

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1. Ava Stumbles On A Secret

Sadly, Ava can’t stay out of trouble even if she tries! GH spoilers suggest that she’ll blindside Carly with something this month. Added teasers also indicate that Jerome will be very close to exposing a major secret without realizing it. Could this be connected to Julian? Or will she accidentally reveal something that further agitates the mob war between Jason, Carly, and Cyrus?

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