General Hospital: Spoilers For July 2022

Published on June 29, 2022.

As the weather heats up this month in the land of Port Charles, so will the drama! What should General Hospital (GH) fans expect to see unfold during the next four weeks or so? Some duos bond, while Millow gets some exciting news, and Austin’s past comes back to haunt him. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for July 2022.

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12. New Couples Alert!

GH spoilers hint that July will sizzle as some new duos get a little closer. Cody will find his way into Britt’s orbit, as Alexis and Gregory’s “squabbles” could mean something more. Added teasers also imply that Carly and Drew will continue to get closer; however, something may place a wedge between them next month. 

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11. Cody Places A Major Dent In Port Charles

Speaking of Cody, he’s been up to a lot since he flew into Port Chuckles (literally), and it looks as if he’ll create quite the impact in July. GH spoilers not only reveal interactions with Britt, but also the Quartermaine clan, as he chats it up with the likes of Millow, as well as Ned and Olivia. Could the stable boy bond with some of the family members? Looks like that’ll be the case.

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10. Carly’s Upset

GH spoilers reveal that Carly will be upset at Drew over something. While he’ll try to explain the situation, she won’t have any of it. Could this be about Nina? It seems that very soon, Cain will have a business proposal for Ms. Reeves. As Aurora Media’s stock is taking a hit, he may look to do something major with Crimson Magazine. For Drew, it’s just business. Unfortunately, Carly hates Nina, and anytime he spends with her will rub the ex-Ms. Corinthos the wrong way. 

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9. Millow’s Exciting News

Willow has not been looking or feeling well as of late. Could this indicate the young lady has a medical condition that needs to be looked after? Perhaps, however, GH spoilers suggest that Michael and Willow will get some exciting news. It’s hard not to think that she could be expecting, which would be fantastic for the couple and little Wiley.

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8. Austin’s Past

GH spoilers note that Austin’s past will creep up, and added teasers indicate that Maxie will learn about it all. Who was that stranger the good doctor spoke to in the woods some weeks back? Is his father actually alive, or could it be an ex, lingering in the shadows to place a damper on his new romance?

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7. Drama Explodes On The Fourth Of July

GH spoilers suggest that fireworks won’t be the only thing exploding on the Fourth of July in the land of Port Charles. Due to pre-emptions, the little town won’t be celebrating on the same day as fans; however, viewers should expect some fun, drama, and possibly romance, when residents partake in Independence Day festivities.

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6. Special Guest Arrives On Scene

Actress Morgan Fairchild is no stranger to the land of soaps (or television for that matter), and she’ll be making a guest appearance on GH come July. She’s best known for her time on the prime-time drama, Dallas, but has also appeared on many TV shows, as well as more recently on Days of Our Lives as Anjelica Deveraux. 

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5. Fairchild’s Link To Sasha

GH spoilers state that Fairchild is set to make some appearances on the show in early July, playing Haven de Havilland, the host of Home & Heart Channel where Sasha is set to do an interview, in an effort to promote Deception. Added teaser note that Haven will be over-the-top, fun, but also a tad mean. Will she direct her nastiness toward the vulnerable Ms. Corbin?

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4. Will Sasha Spiral?

Well, technically, Sasha’s already spiraling; however, GH spoilers for July note that after her appearance on the Heart & Home Channel, Brando will have a hard decision to make. Will his wife need to go to rehab or is the couple headed to Splitsville? If he finds out he’s been lied to again, he may be ready to call it quits.

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3. Laura’s Concern

Across town, GH spoilers suggest that as Vanna gets closer, Laura will get concerned. Added teasers note that Valentin will approach Charlotte’s grandmother with a request, which will worry the mayor that much more. Will she get caught up in the Cassadine drama, and is Victor behind Valentin’s newfound edginess when it comes to life in Port Chuckles?

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2. Not Done Yet

Speaking of Laura and Anna, GH spoilers suggest that they’ll continue to investigate Luke Spencer’s passing, as the weeks of July fly by. Something still doesn’t sit right with both ladies, and it sounds like they will continue to do all they can to get to the bottom of things. 

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1. Elizabeth’s World

Lastly, GH spoilers imply that Elizabeth will receive a diagnosis and feel as if it explains everything that went down recently with her “stalker” mystery. With that said, not everyone will land on the same page. Added teasers reveal that Kevin will bring Liz an unexpected visitor. Will it be Finn or someone else? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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