General Hospital: Spoilers For May 2021

Published on April 28, 2021.

As April turns to May, expect things to heat up in the land of Port Charles! “Mike” and Nina will get closer, while Maxie trusts BLQ with something major. Also, fans might find out who’s behind Ava’s “creepy” gifts. Learn about these storylines and others in the below General Hospital (GH) spoilers for May 2021.

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12. Nina and “Mike”

Sonny is smitten with Nina and Reeves seems to be falling for him, too. GH spoilers for May reveal that the connection between these two will continue to grow stronger this month. So much so, Nina will find herself struggling with the idea of telling Sonny the truth about his identity.

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11. The Elijah Crowe Factor

GH spoilers for next month also hint that Elijah Crowe will grow into a bigger issue. “Mike’s” got a bad vibe about him and, as the weeks of May progress, it sounds like his mob-boss instincts will prove to be right. Elijah is shady and could pose a major threat to Phyllis, Lenny, “Mike” and even Nina.

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10. Baby Swap Time!

GH spoilers for May indicate that BLQ will tell Maxie the truth about her baby lie, and it seems as if these two will come together to formulate a plan that could be a win-win situation for both ladies. Brook Lynn needs a baby to get ELQ back, and Maxie needs to give her little one to someone for safekeeping until the Peter situation settles down. They’ll both go back-and-forth on the idea but in the end, Jones will choose to hand her baby girl over to Brook Lynn for the time being.

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9. Valentin Gains The Upper Hand

Speaking of BLQ and Maxie, their baby daddies will be quite busy in May, too. GH spoilers state that Valentin will gain the upper hand on Peter. Will he finally be able to outsmart August and bring him down? Added teasers note that Cassadine will do all he can to keep Anna, and those closest to her, safe.


8. Spencer Returns!

GH spoilers for May hint that Spencer Cassadine could return this month to shake things up between Nikolas and Ava. After all, the couple is quite solid right now, so they could use a little drama! Added teasers imply that Spencer could be the one behind the “creepy” gifts Ava’s been getting. Makes sense since Ryan is on the outs.

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7. Special Episode For Sean Donely

The highly-anticipated episode dedicated to honoring the late John Reilly (who played Sean Donely on GH for many years) finally has an air date! According to Soap Opera Digest, fans should set their PVRs for Friday, May 21st. Executive producer Frank Valentini has stated that the upcoming show will be like a special “blast from the past”.

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6. Guest Appearances For The Tribute

Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio-Drake) recently hinted through social media that she was back on the GH set and filmed something special with some “old friends”; therefore, it’s only natural to assume she’ll be a part of the show. There could be other unexpected character returns, as this is what is being teased. Perhaps Tiffany, played by actress Sharon Wyatt, will come back, too!

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5. Reilly’s Real-Life Daughter To Be A Part Of It

In addition, John Reilly’s real-life daughter, Tik Tok star Caitlin Reilly, will be a part of the special epi, playing Donely’s onscreen daughter, Annie. The plot will focus on several current characters (i.e. Anna, Felicia, Mac, Laura, Kevin, etc.) that will be pulled into a mystery around Annie (previously referred to as “Anna”). Seems like it’ll be an interesting episode that most fans won’t want to miss.

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4. Elizabeth’s World

Across town, GH spoilers suggest that Elizabeth will be pulled into assisting Finn. She’ll work with him to find an antidote for Chase. As the month progresses, Liz will work to rebuild her life “after Franco”, but added teasers note that she’ll have someone to help her along with this. Could Finn be the one who stands by her side, or could there be another person on the horizon?

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3. Roger Returns

GH spoilers reveal that actor Roger Howarth is returning to the land of Port Charles this May. Could he come back as a ghost, or will Howarth play a completely different character? Added teasers make it clear that Franco Baldwin will not be coming back (alive). According to Soap Opera Digest, Roger’s return will be “extremely memorable”.

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2. The Davis Women

GH spoilers for May hint at some more prison adventures for Alexis while in Pentonville, so things will continue to be tough on Davis next month. Meanwhile, her daughter Sam will interact with Dante; however, added teasers do imply that their friendship will be tested. Will these two last the long haul? Will they decide to move towards a romance soon?

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1. Couples Growing Closer

GH spoilers indicate that Portia and Curtis will continue to grow closer, as well as Taggert and Jordan. Meanwhile, Sasha and Brando will enjoy their new romance, but added teasers suggest that mom Gladys could get in the way! Sounds like Brando’s mom might start doing things to sabotage her son’s relationship. Corbin and Sasha need to stay on high alert!

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