General Hospital: Spoilers For November 2020

Published on October 29, 2020.

That middle month between Halloween and Christmas can sometimes seem boring, but not in the land of General Hospital (GH)! November is sweeps month, which brings much more drama, intrigue, and adventure in Port Charles! Learn more about what will happen to CarSon, JaSam, the teens, Liz, Franco, Robert, and others in the GH spoilers for November 2020.

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14. Massive Changes

GH spoilers for this November hint at some huge changes, as co-head writer for the show, Chris Van Etten, promises a reset of sorts. As he describes it, the GH board that is being played currently will be “thrown out” and they’ll be focusing on a new one. Fate will have a hand on many storylines, and there will be questions on whether or not many characters can overcome what rolls out.

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13. Peter’s Intentions Revealed

While GH spoilers indicate that the wedding between Maxie and Peter is planned for November, Peter’s scheming and underhanded activity will finally be revealed. With that said, who will be the one to bring Peter down, and how it will occur is still a question mark. Whether or not the wedding will happen could be placed into question as well.

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12. Anna and Finn

GH spoilers tease that Anna and Finn’s wedding is also being planned for November; however, it may not go down as planned, too. Between the looming threat of Alex’s return, plus Finn’s hush-hush secret affair with stepmom Jackie, these two things could interfere in this couple’s happily ever after. The passing of Finn’s mother will also be revisited this next month.

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11. Robert and Jackie

Speaking of Jackie, GH spoilers suggest that she and Robert will be spending more time together in November. With that said, will there be romantic sparks between them, or just two exes rekindling a friendship? Robert will soon realize that all his closest friends in Port Chuckles also happen to be women who are “taken.”

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10. Laura Returns With Intentions

GH fans will be pleased to know that Laura will return to the land of Port Charles with intentions of bringing Cyrus Renault down! He has bad things planned for the little town, and Laura will team up with Jordan and Curtis to try and stop Cyrus’ potential destruction of the hospital.

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9. Hidden Agenda Revealed

According to GH spoilers, Laura won’t be able to shake the fact that Cyrus is interested in her, which she’ll feel is more than just because of her role as the mayor of Port Charles. As she digs into his past, along with Curtis and Jordan, a hidden agenda will surface, one that leads to his downfall.

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8. Corinthos Family Deals With A Crisis

Will Sonny help Curtis, Jordan, and Laura in their plight to rid Cyrus, for good? GH spoilers offer no clues to this; however, teasers do state that the Corinthos family is set to face a crisis in November. Cyrus will be behind it all, and the fallout will be devastating for the entire clan.

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7. Plot Twist For CarSon

Cyrus isn’t the only threat to Carly, Sonny, and their crew. GH spoilers reveal that while Nelle has passed on, she’ll continue to haunt the family in other ways. With Avery in possession of Nelle’s necklace, all roads could lead back to Carly when it comes to Benson’s last fall. Added teasers imply that Avery will be able to tell police where she found the necklace, and this could have a terrible effect on Carly’s story.

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6. A Major Secret Is Revealed And Friz Is At The Helm

Hold onto your hats GH fans! Spoilers reveal that a medical crisis is on the horizon for Liz and Franco. According to teasers, as the super couple struggles to get through things, this health emergency will unlock one of the biggest secrets that the little town has kept under wraps for years now!

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5. Nik and Ava

Across town, Nik and Ava will continue to struggle with their relationship and their new-found feelings for each other. While Ryan will still hold Nelle’s letter over Julian and Ava’s head this month, Nik and Ava will come together and bond during the entire ordeal. In other related teasers, Julian’s past mob life could come back to haunt him.

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4. JaSam Hit A Roadblock

What kind of roadblock will Jason and Sam hit in November? Could they suffer from blackmail again? A health emergency? Could their children get abducted? Nope, not according to GH spoilers. JaSam will suffer from the reality of day-to-day stability and learning to function as a normal couple. Will they be able to survive domestication?

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3. Alexis Will Spiral

No good news for Alexis fans this November, as GH spoilers state that she’ll choose booze over family and friends, essentially sinking herself into isolation. There are many dark November days ahead for Davis, but there is a glimmer of hope that hitting rock bottom will open her eyes to the importance of getting back up!

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2. The Teen Scene

The teens will wind up on Cyrus’ radar when Dev, Joss, and Trina try to clear Taggert’s name. Plus, things will continue to get complicated between these four and their “feelings.” Speaking of Cyrus, Portia will find herself questioning Jordan’s actions more and more. With that said, Jordan and Curtis will talk about the idea of bringing Portia into the loop; however, trust will be an issue.

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1. More Spoilers!

Brando will start his undercover work against Cyrus in November, and stumble upon a Port Charles “damsel in distress,” who may need rescuing. Rounding out GH spoilers, someone may decide it is time to tell Michael and Willow the truth about Chase and Sasha’s “affair,” which might ultimately determine the future for them as a couple.

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