General Hospital: Spoilers For September 2020

Published on August 27, 2020.

A brand-new month is on the horizon in Port Charles, with new adventures, conflict, and romance ready to unfold! Will JaSam finally be happy? How will Sonny continue to cope with his father’s condition? Will Nina ever learn the truth about Nelle? Find out about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for September 2020.

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12. JaSam’s Finally Together, But …

GH spoilers for September indicate that Jason and Sam will finally be together, reunited in romance and family. With that said, a cryptic teaser reveals that something is on the horizon that may affect their “happily ever after.” What could it be now? Isn’t there always “something” with these two?

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11. Sonny & Mike

According to GH September spoilers, Sonny will find himself consumed emotionally with what is going on Mike. As such, Carly and Jason will pick up the pieces around his business and family matters. Seems as if Mike’s condition (and potential passing) will continue to escalate this coming month, leaving Sonny cracking at the seams.

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10. Carly’s Secret

GH spoilers indicate that Carly will come across a major secret, and share it with Jax. What she reveals will create some massive tension when it comes to their respective relationships with Nina and Sonny. Could Carly figure out that Nelle is Nina’s daughter, and try to hide it from her?

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9. Nelle Gets Caught

It seems as if Nelle will get caught and soon; therefore, Wiley will be returned to Michael and Willow shortly. GH spoilers suggest that Julian will go above and beyond to ensure that he isn’t linked to the kidnapping crime and that Benson goes down for this on her very own.

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8. Chase Hopes For A Reunion

With this kidnapping attempt, Nelle is sure to go to jail, and there is no way she’ll be in contact with Wiley for a long while. This means that Willow and Michael don’t necessarily have to stay together, and would be free to annul their marriage and move on; they won’t have to worry about the threat of Nelle pursuing custody of her son. GH spoilers reveal that Chase will ponder telling Willow the truth, and hope for a reunion; however, there is a good chance she is far too invested in Wiley to do so. There’s also a chance she might develop deeper feelings for Michael in the meantime.

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7. The Britt’s Back

Actress Kelly Thiebaud is set to return to the land of Port Charles very soon to reprise her Britt Westbourne role. With that said, GH spoilers imply that a person from both Peter and Anna’s past will return, and Anna will feel the stress around this, which will also affect her relationship with Finn. Could this be about Britt (coming back for retribution for her mom’s imprisonment), or will Alex return to Port Chuckles to torture Anna and Peter?

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6. More Questions About Holly

GH spoilers tease that Robert will make arrangements for Olivia to see Dante in the coming weeks. In the entire process, she encourages him to attend Holly’s memorial. He does so, and added questions pop up around Sutton’s demise. In other news, seems as if Dante will return to Port Charles, but it may be too late for Lulu, as she and Dustin will continue to bond.

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5. ELQ Conflict

GH spoilers imply that everything going on at ELQ come September will further complicate things for Ned and Olivia, as well as Ned’s relationship with daughter Brook Lynn. No concrete teasers around Brook Lynn’s condition, but it does seem that she will be okay enough to be released from the hospital.

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4. Cyrus Causes Chaos

GH spoilers indicate that Cyrus will continue to cause chaos in September, and everyone who works at the hospital in some capacity will feel as if their job is not safe. Added teasers reveal that Brando will be mixed up in Cyrus’ storyline to some degree. In other news, Brando and TJ will become buddies this coming month, which will make Molly nervous.

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3. Jordan and Curtis

GH September spoilers suggest that Jordan’s secret around Taggert’s passing will come back to haunt her this month. As she faked the entire thing and kept it from Curtis, this won’t only strain her relationship with her hubby, but Trina as well. Jordan has dug a hole for herself as of late, one she might not be able to get out of.

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2. Teen Scene

Speaking of Trina, GH spoilers hint that Josslyn will develop romantic feelings for Cameron; however, he and Trina have already established a bona fide relationship of their own. Will Joss tell Cam how she feels, or keep her feelings to herself?! Anything she does at this point will affect her friendship with both Cam and Trina.

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1. Friz Deals With Ava and Nik

Lastly, GH spoilers for September state that Elizabeth and Franco will begin to believe that someone else is at the helm when it comes to the rift in their relationship, as well as the reason behind why both have been so close to Ava and Nik lately. Sounds like they will finally put two and two together.

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