General Hospital: Spoilers For Spring 2021

Published on March 24, 2021.

The days are getting longer, warmer, and sunnier! Spring is just around the corner, which means the land of Port Charles will be buzzing with adventure, romance, and drama! What will this new season bring for Anna, Finn, Chase, Michael, Willow, Sam, Jason, Carly, Sonny, Nina, and other General Hospital (GH) characters? Below are some GH spoilers for spring 2021.

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12. What’s On The Horizon For Roger Howarth?

Many GH fans were devastated when Peter August got away with shooting Franco, recently. Not only was the character loved, but actor Roger Howarth was a fan favorite. The bad news is that it seems as if Baldwin is gone; however, this doesn’t mean that Howarth is. Roger recently revealed that he is not done with GH, rather he is just “taking a break”.

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11. How Could Roger Return?

Will Howarth come back as another character? Franco’s twin? Or perhaps Baldwin is really alive. Anything is possible in the land of soaps! Then there’s the chance that Roger returns as a completely new character. After all, actor Michael Easton (Dr. Finn Hamilton) has played a total of four different characters on GH over the past nine years (Finn, John McBain, Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay, Dr. Silas Clay).

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10. Cameron and Liz

Sounds as if Liz will continue to struggle with her hubby’s passing in early spring. The loss of Franco has hit her hard and it’ll take quite a while before she can bounce back. With that said, after Cameron had a ghostly encounter this week, GH spoilers indicate that he’ll be determined and focused, in late March. He’s realized that he’s lost a lot, but that he needs to move forward to make an impact in his life.

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9. Chad Brannon’s Return

As noted, Cameron’s father Zander Smith paid him a visit this week. As most fans are aware, Smith has long passed away, so when actor Chad Brannon announced his return to the soap opera weeks ago, social media began to buzz! The same buzz was felt recently when Brannon chimed in on an Instagram post that highlighted scenes between Cam and Zan. Chad added some kudos to actor William Lipton (Cameron), and stated there was “more news to come”.

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8. Could Zander Smith Comeback?

Characters have come back to soaps as ghosts before, only to return “alive and well” in future episodes. With that said, Zander could return to Port Charles, he could have a twin brother, or his comeback could center around “ghostly” visits (GH loves doing this). Plus, there is another option.

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7. Aaron Returns?

Back in late 2009, when Emily Quartermaine’s twin sister Rebecca was leaving town, actor Chad Brannon returned as “Aaron”; a man who looked identical to Zander that started talking to Rebecca as she was on a plane set to leave Port Charles. A little tongue-in-cheek since Emily and Zander had a “thing” on the show. Could Chad return as Aaron?

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6. Sean Donely Honored

Sean Donely made a huge impact in the land of Port Charles during his tenure on the soap, as well as the actor who played him, John Reilly. Sadly, Reilly passed away earlier this year, which hit has hit the show, fellow colleagues, and fans, very hard. GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini recently revealed that the soap opera would be airing a special episode that centered around Donely, sometime this spring.

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5. Potential Returns For Doney’s Special Episode?

Donely has BFFs Anna, Robert, Laura, Mac, and Felicia that still reside in Port Charles, so these characters are sure to be a part of this special show, dedicated to Reilly. With Anna placing a call to Frisco Jones last week, could fans also see actor Jack Wagner come back for the episode? Perhaps Robin will also return.

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4. Willow and Michael

GH spoilers for spring indicate that Michael and Willow might have to deal with a new threat in the future. While Nina did make a major mistake by telling Wiley that Willow wasn’t his mom, cutting her out of her grandson’s life could be the wrong move. Will Nina fight back? Could she launch a custody battle for Wiley?

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3. Nina Runs Into Sonny

GH teasers for early spring hint that there is a good chance Nina runs into Sonny, soon. She’ll be visiting Phyllis unexpectedly in early March, so could Reeves be the person who helps “Mike” remember who he is? Could Nina bring Sonny back to Port Charles, or continue to keep him hidden from his family?

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2. Unexpected Turn

GH spoilers indicate that several characters will experience an “unexpected” turn of events in the next couple of months. Could a natural disaster hit Port Charles? Will another mob war set off shootings or bombs that cause injury (or more) to multiple residents, as the explosion at the Floating Rib did?

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1. Lulu’s Return

While on the topic of that Floating Rib explosion, it’s easy to speculate about a possible Lulu Spencer return. After all, the young mom is in a coma right now and can wake up at any moment. When actress Emme Rylan, who plays Lulu, was let go from the show she and her family packed up and hit the open road! The entire road trip was documented on Instagram, but now the family is back in L.A. Rylan’s kids have returned to school, so this may leave the actress with a bit of time on her hands. Could she be headed back to Port Chuckles this spring? Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) replied on an IG post where Emme relayed her fam jam was heading back to Los Angeles with a “Woo Hoo” comment. Does she know something fans don’t?


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