General Hospital: Spoilers For Summer 2022

Published on June 8, 2022.

As the weather heats up in the land of Port Charles, so will the drama! What should General Hospital (GH) fans expect to see unfold during the next three months or so? Love is in the air for some residents, while Millow gets exciting news, and Liz’s friends and family still worry about her. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for June 2022.

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12. Love Is In The Air

Summer screams romance in the land of daytime drama, and Port Charles will not be an exception to this rule. Britt’s world will be shaken up by Cody, while GH spoilers indicate that the squabbling between Gregory and Alexis might lead to “something more”. Lastly, fans should expect to see Carly and Drew get closer, as the weeks and months pass.

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11. Exciting News For Millow

GH spoilers suggest that Willow and Michael will get some “exciting” news. Could Willow end up expecting a child? She has been complaining about being “tired” as of late. Will the two decide to get married if and when they find out? In other summer teasers, Sonny Corinthos will enter a new chapter in his life. Does this mean there’s a chance he may leave the mob world, for good? Will Michael’s plan succeed? Will Nina be included in this “new beginning” for Sonny?

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10. But … I’m Okay!

Across town, GH spoilers for this summer suggest that Elizabeth will soon get a medical diagnosis that explains why she was behind all the mysterious events that freaked her out. This is good news; however, added teasers state that not everyone will agree with what’s been presented. Is it Finn or Laura who wants more answers? Will this further drive a wedge between Elizabeth and Dr. Hamilton?

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9. Brando Gets A New Face

GH spoilers hint that Brando will get a new look this summer, as actor Johnny Wactor is leaving the show. The good news is that Mr. Corbin will stay put in Port Charles as actor Brad Schmidt has been recast in the role. No exact date has been revealed for Schmidt’s debut, but fans should expect him to appear at some point in June or July.

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8. Sasha’s Summer Struggles

Speaking of Brando, GH spoilers imply that Sasha will continue to struggle this summer, as she desperately tries to “hold it all together”. It looks as if she’ll continue to keep Brando in the dark about her grieving and drug use. Can she trust Gladys to do the same? Only time will tell!

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7. Issues Between Cameron & Josslyn

Cameron’s doing the best he can, considering the hand he’s been dealt. He’s being a good friend by keeping Spencer’s secret in hopes that Cassadine can get the goods on Esme to clear Trina. With that said, GH spoilers for this summer suggest that keeping this truth from his girlfriend could threaten their romance. 

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6. Trina’s Legal Woes

The good news is that it sounds like Trina’s legal situation and the videotape scandal will come to a close this summer; however, the bad news is that GH spoilers don’t offer any insight on how it will conclude. Will Ms. Robinson get charged for this crime? Will Esme’s secrets be exposed? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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5. Esme = Trouble For Nava

Speaking of Esme, GH summer spoilers hint that Esme will create huge issues for Nikolas and Ava. With Nik and Ms. Prince hitting the sack last week, it’s hard for fans to ignore the idea that a baby storyline is on the horizon. Whether she’s really expecting or faking it, Esme will continue to stir the pot in the Nava relationship.

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4. Spinelli Has A Secret …

An interesting GH spoiler for the summer has to do with Spinelli. According to teasers, he’ll have a stunning secret with repercussions that are felt throughout Port Charles. What kind of truth is Damien trying to keep covered and could this have to do with his buddy, Jason Morgan, or something else?

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3. Maxie & Austin

Any Maxie and Austin fans out there? GH spoilers indicate that Jones is given information about her new boyfriend’s past. Is there something shady about what he’s done before coming to Port Charles? Sounds like this super couple may have to go through yet another obstacle in their romance. Will they survive?

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2. Who Will Gain Control Of ELQ?

As Ned ponders on whether to align himself with Michael and Drew or Valentin Cassadine, some interesting GH spoilers for summer offer insight about ELQ’s future. As per teasers, it sounds like Valentin may not be booted out of the company, as planned. Will Ned end up striking a deal with Cassadine? Sounds like that could be the case.

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1. What Happened To Luke?

Lastly, GH spoilers for the summer reveal that Valentin’s gal pal Anna and Port Charles’ mayor, Laura Collins will not waiver as it relates to finding out what “really happened” to Luke Spencer. They’ll continue to investigate his passing, but will they come up with some tangible evidence to gain some resolution?

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