General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (April 27 – May 8, 2020)

Published on April 24, 2020.

As April turns to May, the temperatures will warm up in some parts of the world, and the drama in Port Charles will continue to jump! In the next couple of weeks, Carly and Nina will argue; Michael will make a major decision; and Molly will struggle. Learn about these storylines and others in the  General Hospital (GH) spoilers for April 27th to May 8th.

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12. Mac Inches Closer

GH spoilers hint that early next week, Mac will approach Jordan regarding TJ’s abduction. Mac has been digging around, and he wants to get to the bottom of things, while Jordan is hoping and praying he doesn’t. Mac is coming from a good place; will he end up finding out the real truth?

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11. Molly Taken Aback

According to GH spoilers, TJ will have something sweet planned for Molly in late April. She’ll be taken aback by his thoughtfulness, but will this also continue to make her feel guilty around that one-nighter she had with Brando? In other Molly teasers for the next two weeks, she’ll talk to both her sisters about something … could she decide to confide in them about what she did? Interestingly enough, Brando will point the finger of blame towards Sam in the coming weeks.

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10. The Meeting Is On

While Sonny had to cancel his meeting with Cyrus this past week, it seems as if the meeting will be full steam ahead in the coming days. GH spoilers tease that Cyrus, Sonny, and Jason will meet at the docks for a discussion. Cyrus wasn’t too pleased that Sonny backed out of their last meeting, so will Corinthos face some repercussions on this?

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9. Michael and Willow

Michael and Willow faced a huge blow this past week when Sasha and Chase faked a cheating session. In the coming days, both will still be reeling from all of this, with Michael reaching out to mom Carly for some comfort. There will also still be some massive friction between Willow and Chase, as the two will debate an issue. This could lead to some major developments the following week where Willow and Michael are concerned.

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8. Michael’s Major Decision

GH spoilers suggest that Willow and Michael will try to move forward from recent events, and place their hurt feelings around what Sasha and Chase did aside. As the days go by, Michael will make a decision that will be life-changing. Does he propose once again to Willow? In other related spoilers, Chase won’t be able to pull a fast one on Finn, as he’ll see right through his brother’s lies. Is Finn onto Chase and Sasha?

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7. Lulu’s World

GH spoilers indicate that Lulu will get some reassurance from her mom Laura this week. This most likely has to do with Charlotte; however, with all that is going on, it could be about something else. Speaking of Lulu, she’ll find herself rushing to Crimson this week regarding something. Could Charlotte be in trouble? Or could she have caused some trouble?

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6. Nina Versus Carly

Speaking of Crimson, GH spoilers state that Nina and Carly won’t see eye-to-eye the following week. In fact, they’ll have a little argument about something, and with all that is going on, it seems pretty obvious that they may fight about Nelle. Speaking of, teasers hint that Nelle will turn to Nina for a favor in early May. What could this be all about?

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5. Nelle Continues To Scheme

No surprise here, as it seems like Nelle will continue to be up to no good in the coming weeks. As per GH spoilers, she’ll meet up with lawyer Martin, perhaps to talk about her custody case against Michael. As the days go by, Nelle will have a proposition of sorts for someone. Could she find out about Willow and Michael getting married, and try to lure some poor and unsuspecting man in for a trip down the aisle?

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4. Julian Angry

GH spoilers indicate that Julian’s anger will increase towards Neil in the coming weeks. In related teasers, Alexis will come clean about something … does this have to do with Neil and his case? Lastly, back to Julian, he’ll help out a friend in need. Does Jerome still even have any real friends in the land of Port Charles?

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3. Brook Lynn Finds Trouble

GH spoilers reveal that Brook Lynn will once again be at the center of trouble late next week. She can’t seem to stay away from it, can she? Regardless, one has to wonder how she’ll dig her way out of a mess this time around. Will she call on her dad to help, or will she try and be resourceful?

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2. Port Charles’ Teen Scene

GH spoilers suggest that Dev’s curiosity will be piqued, and for one reason or another, he’ll become suspicious about something or someone. In other teen drama news, Trina and Cam will do their best to start fresh, and move forward! With all that the teens have been through as of late, here’s hoping they both can.

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1. Flashback Fridays!

As most GH fans know by now, the daytime drama is airing Flashback Friday episodes every week since production on the soap has stopped. In order to keep airing fresh and new content for as long as possible, GH has decided to rebroadcast classic episodes every Friday. While they have yet to release Friday, May 1st episode (for one reason or another), May 8th show will feature Curtis and Jordan’s honeymoon show.

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