General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 15 – 26, 2022)

Published on August 15, 2022.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Port Chuckles over the next two weeks? Finn’s concern for Liz will lead him to reach out to someone, while Portia and Curtis hope their “plan” works. Also, Trina’s verdict is here! Learn more about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for August 15th to 26th, 2022.

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12. Another Disturbing Memory…

GH spoilers for the week of August 15th suggest that Finn will be quite worried about Elizabeth and her situation. In fact, he and Terry will have a chat about her circumstances. Is there anything they can do? As the days go by, added teasers indicate that Liz will have another disturbing memory. Will this add further insight into what’s going on with her?

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11. Finn Takes Action

As Friday, August 19th hits, GH spoilers note that Finn will take action when he reaches out to someone. Added teasers hint that Liz’s “past and present” could collide. Looking on to the week of August 22nd, Hamilton will “come clean” to Elizabeth about something. In other news for next week, Terry will see someone who may interest her. Will she finally find love in Port Charles?

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10. Will It Work?

Speaking of hospital drama, GH spoilers for this week reveal that Portia and Curtis will hope their plan works. Can they save Trina in the nick of time? Meanwhile, Trina’s verdict will arrive over the coming days. Is prison life in her future? Here’s hoping that’s not the case!

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9. A Glimmer Of Hope…

GH spoilers for the week of August 22nd note that Trina and Rory will grow closer. It sounds like there’s a good chance the jury will find Ms. Robinson innocent of all charges. If that’s the case, could Rory and Trina go out on a date? How would Spencer feel about that?

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8. Spencer’s Difficult Decision

Across town, GH spoilers for this coming week state that Spencer will have a hard decision in front of him. In fact, as the days go by, he’ll have “second thoughts” about something. And he won’t be the only Cassadine who’s struggling: Nik will fumble when he gets questioned by Victor about Esme.

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7. Backed Into A Corner…

GH spoilers suggest that trouble will continue to follow Nik as the week goes on. Added teasers suggest that Jordan will launch an investigation into Esme’s whereabouts, making Nik and Ava feel as if they are being backed into a corner. It seems “Nava” will find themselves “working” with someone unexpected in order to protect themselves. Who could that be?

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6. Dex Is Questioned

GH spoilers for this coming week imply that Dex and Cam will cross paths. Will a confrontation ensue? As the days go by, Sonny’s new henchman will be questioned about his past. Who will grill him? Speaking of Mr. Corinthos, he’ll take the opportunity to romance Nina on a date over the coming days.

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5. Friends With Benefits?

GH spoilers for the week of August 15th state that Olivia will wonder if Carly’s friendship with Drew comes with some benefits. As the days go by, things will get out of control when Nina and Carly confront one another. Uh-oh, this doesn’t sound good! In other news for the week of August 22nd, the Quartermaines will host a charity event.

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4. More Bad News For Willow

GH spoilers for this week imply that Willow’s worst fears will come true when she gets some terrible news. As the days go by, she’ll need a sounding board, and TJ will be there to help his friend vent. Looking onward to the week of August 22nd, Willow will talk to Michael about her recent diagnosis.

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3. Valentin Versus Victor

There will be even more Cassadine drama this week! GH spoilers indicate that Valentin will do everything he can to convince daddy Victor that Anna is no threat to his plan. Sounds like the Cassadine patriarch will be more determined than ever to axe Ms. Devane. Speaking of the super-spy, she’ll try to devise a new plan with Lucy. Meanwhile, Lucy will learn more about Cody from Martin. Will this change her perspective on Mr. Bell?

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2. Maxie Is #TeamCody

But… does she have an ulterior motive? GH spoilers for this week state that Ms. Jones will go to bat for Cody again, as she tries to convince Britt to give the newcomer another chance. As the weekend hits, sparks will fly between Westbourne and Bell, but will they be of the romantic kind? Speaking of, Alexis and Gregory will have an encounter this Friday. Will they flirt or fight during their exchange?

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers for the next two weeks: BLQ will try to help Chase with his career, while Dante worries that he’s “messed things up” with Sam at the Metro Court pool. Lastly, Austin will meet up with a family member to set some solid boundaries. Will this person agree to the doctor’s orders?

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