General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (February 1 – 12, 2021)

Published on February 1, 2021.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap for the first two weeks of February Sweeps? Well, Nina is reflective while Anna searches for answers. Also, Alexis’s daughters rally together to support her. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for February 1 to February 12, 2021.

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12. Nina’s Reflective

After Friday’s bombshell of an episode, it seems as if Nina finally knows the truth about her bio daughter, and that she was Nelle Benson. GH spoilers for the week of February 1st suggest that Nina will feel reflective on an “opportunity” missed. She’ll probably feel frustrated that she never made “enough” effort to bond with Nelle, even though Reeves did do a lot for the young lady. Nelle was in her orbit, and she never truly had the chance to show her daughter how much she loved her and wanted her. Added teasers for the week of February 8th imply that Nina will reach out to Jordan for help.

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11. Jax Tries To Offer Peace

Now that the truth is out, Jax will work hard to keep things together. GH spoilers reveal that he’ll try to convince Carly that Nina is a “friend” and not an “enemy.” Meanwhile, as the days progress, he’ll be the first to jump to the task of defending Carly when a shadow of a doubt is cast.

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10. Carly’s World

According to GH spoilers, there will be many who are be displeased with Carly this week. Valentine will snap at Ms. Corinthos, and it seems as if the scene set on Monday’s episode will resume from Friday, so Cassadine won’t be overly pleased about Carly’s role in finding out that Nelle was Nina’s daughter. Laura will also be upset with Carly in the coming days and will call her out. With that said, teasers suggest that Morgan will be on her mind, as she and Joss “remember” him.

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9. Sonny Struggle

GH spoilers note that Sonny will question his past near the end of this week. Could a memory trigger something? Across town, added teasers reveal that Cyrus will ramp up the heat on Brando, so there may be a small chance that Renault is on to Corbin and where his “loyalties” lie.

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8. Anna Connects The Dots

Anna will be on a mission this week, and it’s clear that she’s questioning Peter’s true intentions. GH spoilers state that as the weekend hits, she’ll get that much closer to connecting the dots. In other Anna news, she’ll give Valentin an update. Meanwhile, her nemesis Liesl will make a desperate plea.

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7. Sam and Dante

Over at the hospital, GH spoilers hint that Sam and Dante will continue to bond this week. In fact, Sam will feel as if she “owes” Franco, and that could have to do with the entire ordeal surrounding his condition, and how her mom Alexis jabbed him with a syringe. In other related teasers, Sam and Jason will try to navigate through their “new normal” during the week of February 8th.

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6. Alexis Cleans Up Her Act

Sounds as if Alexis will finally clean up her act this week and next week. After what she did to Dante, she could realize that her drinking is clouding her judgment. GH spoilers for this week hint that Jordan will offer some guidance, while added teasers for the week of February 8th suggest that Molly, Kristina, and Sam will rally together to do what’s best for their mom.

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5. Britt’s Busy

GH spoilers reveal that Britt will be quite the busy bee this week. First, Finn will be looking for some information and head straight to Westbourne for help. Could this have to do with his questions around Chase being his son? In other Britt news, she’ll read her brother the riot act as the weekend hits. Seems as if she’s finally seeing the light about Peter.

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4. Maxie’s Sympathetic

Speaking of August, GH spoilers state that Peter’s wife-to-be will be sympathetic towards Liz and her situation. Maxie will also take the time to visit Dante in the hospital to make sure he’s okay. In other news, as her wedding date approaches, Maxie will head to Nathan’s grave for comfort. Seems as if she’ll also be asking her late hubby for his blessing.

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3. Nik Turns To Laura

GH spoilers indicate that Nik will turn to Laura the week of February 1st, looking for some advice. A mom will always offer up the best words possible. Speaking of “moms,” added teasers for the week of February 8th hint that Laura’s mom, Lesley, will dig her heels when it comes to a situation. Does this have to do with Cyrus?

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2. Curtis, Portia, and Trina

GH spoilers for this coming week suggest that Curtis will need some strength, and he’ll find support from people around him. In added related teasers, Portia will try and be there for Trina in the coming days, offering up some encouragement. Does this have to do with Dev’s passing or Taggert’s deception?

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1. More Spoilers!

Franco turns to Kevin for some help while Jacki and Scott catch up. Meanwhile, GH spoilers promise some steamy and romantic scenes between Willow and Chase in the coming days, as Chase will admit how much he’s missed her. Who’s Team Chillow out there, and who’s Team Millow?

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