General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (February 8 – 19, 2021)

Published on February 8, 2021.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Port Charles over the next couple of weeks? Nina makes a promise while Franco downplays a situation. Also, Britt confides in Jason. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for February 8 to February 19, 2021.

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12. Nina’s World

GH spoilers for the week of February 8 reveal that Nina will be filled with some doubt, and try to explain “her side” of things. Could Carly question why she broke up with Jax? As the days go by, Reeves will reach out to Jordan for some help, and also make a promise to someone.

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11. Carly Turns To Diane

Speaking of Carly, she and Diane will meet in the coming days. According to GH spoilers, Carly will seek some guidance from the lawyer, so could she be worried about Nelle’s necklace bringing up questions around Benson’s demise? In other Carly news, she and Joss will take the time to visit Morgan’s grave in the coming days.

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10. Valentin Sees An Opportunity

With Jax and Nina on the outs, GH spoilers for the week of February 8th hint that Valentin will be hopeful. Could he see this recent turn of events as an opportunity to reunite with her? In other Valentin news, he’ll demand some answers from Peter August in the coming days.

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9. Franco Downplays

Some interesting GH spoilers for the week of February 15th. It seems as if Franco will downplay a situation to someone. Could he have another episode in front of Elizabeth? Could he “downplay” the severity of it? Perhaps this happens in front of someone like Jason; it would be hard for Baldwin to brush anything off at that point.

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8. Jason and Britt

Speaking of Jason, GH spoilers for this week hint that Britt will confide in Stone Cold about something. In added teasers, Britt will change course in the coming days. Sounds as if Britt will continue to evolve into a better character, and leave her “bad girl” days behind her. Can Jason help her with this transition?

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7. Dante and Sam

GH spoilers for the week of February 8 also promise some continued bonding between Dante and Sam. As the days go by, the two will be on the ‘same page’ about something. Added teasers for Sam suggest that she and Jason will try and navigate with their new situation. Do they decide it’s not working for them, or continue to remain solid on the idea that they are better apart than together?

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6. Portia’s Stunned

GH spoilers hint that Portia will be taken aback this week. Does she discover something more about Cyrus? In somewhat related news, added teasers for the week of February 15th suggest that Curtis will open up to Sam about what he’s going through right now. Does he tell her all about his situation with Jordan?

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5. Ava Helps

GH spoilers note that Ava will open up about her situation to help a friend. Does Trina need some guidance around something? Added teasers for the week of February 15th reveal some romantic plans between Nikolas and Jerome. Sounds like they’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day in a big way.

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4. Joss Gets Some Advice

Back to Josslyn, her dad Jax will offer up some major advice and be a sounding board for his daughter this week. GH spoilers indicate that he’ll tell his Joss to embrace life, and live it to the fullest. In other Josslyn news, she gets to spend some downtime with BFF Trina.

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3. Olivia Rages

GH spoilers suggest that Olivia won’t hold back on someone this week as she finds herself in an “uncomfortable” position. Does Ned push her buttons? Perhaps Alexis might be the person who agitates her. Speaking of Alexis, added teasers reveal that Davis will confess in the coming days. In other news, Sam, Kristina, and Molly will come together to brainstorm.

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2. Willow and Michael

GH spoilers for the week of February 15th imply that Michael and Willow will come together. They’ll talk about all the events that have unraveled in the past few weeks. Could they decide it’s better to stay together than stay apart? Could they have a romantic revelation? Only time will tell!

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1. More Spoilers!

This week, Lenny will step up to the plate unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Lesley will dig her heels and Cyrus will issue out a threat to Brando. He’ll let it be known that Corbin is expendable at any time. Lastly, GH spoilers for the week of February 15th hint that Liesl will escape trouble just in time.

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