General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (January 11 – 22, 2021)

Published on January 11, 2021.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Port Charles over the next couple of weeks? Carly will face a difficult choice while Sam and Olivia will get to the bottom of things. Also, Willow will make a decision, and Britt’s feelings for her half-brother Peter could possibly change. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for January 11 to January 22nd.

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12. Carly’s World

While viewers may know that Sonny is alive, it seems that Carly and the crew will believe he’s passed away. GH spoilers indicate that Carly will have to come to terms with a very hard decision this coming week. Could it be having to move forward with a memorial for Sonny? Meanwhile added teasers imply that Brick and Jason will sit down for a serious meeting in the coming days.

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11. Carly Gets Support

The week of January 18th reveals that Carly will get some support from Joss, as it seems that her daughter will offer a shoulder to cry on. In other Carly news, she’ll need to ask for help with something, but the question is, who does she turn to? In potentially related teasers, Ava will make peace with someone. Now that she believes Sonny is “gone,” could Jerome extend an olive branch to Carly?

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10. Ava Stumbles On A Secret

Speaking of Ava, GH spoilers for the week of January 11th imply that not only will she catch Carly off guard, she’ll also (unknowingly) be on the cusp of exposing a secret. Could she come across the safe house where Bobbie and Cyrus’ mother are? Added teasers for the week of January 18th hint that Bobbie will try to distract Ava. Distract her from what exactly?

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9. Sam and Olivia

GH spoilers suggest that Sam and Olivia will team up over the next two weeks on a mission for the truth. Not only will Sam overhear something incriminating, but Olivia will also turn to Robert for help. When all is said and done, Tracy will also be placed in the hot seat. Could Olivia finally find out about Ned and Alexis’ one-night stand?

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8. Alexis Makes Amends

The week of January 18th reveals some interesting GH spoilers on Alexis. She’ll be ready to hurl some accusations that week, but as the days go by, she’ll also be on a mission to make amends and will make some rounds when it comes to apologizing. Will Olivia be on that list?

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7. Willow’s Choice

GH spoilers offer some insights around the Willow, Chase, Michael love triangle over the next two weeks. The two men will run into each other the week of January 11th, as Willow will remain confused about which man to choose. As the week of January 18th approaches, it seems as if Willow will come to a decision, and Michael will also have to think about his next move. Does she choose Chase?

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6. Britt’s Busy

According to GH spoilers, Britt will be warned by Jason the week of January 18th. He’ll caution her to “be careful” around Cyrus; however, knowing Westbourne, she’ll continue to plug on with her plan. In added Britt teasers for next week, her perspective on Peter will change. What does Peter do that has his half-sister raising an eyebrow? Especially Britt of all people who can’t judge! This might have to do with Liesl. In other news, Maxie will try to diffuse a situation.

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5. Sasha Bounces Back

Could 2021 be Sasha’s year? GH spoilers for the week of January 11th suggest that Maxie will approach Nina with an idea that Crimson should feature Sasha on their next cover, which would be a huge deal! In other Sasha news, she’ll try to reach out to Cyrus in the coming days. Seems like she won’t shake the idea of trying to nab him. Speaking of Cyrus, added teasers reveal that Jason will believe Cyrus is to blame for something. This might have to do with Sonny’s “disappearance.”

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4. Liz Is Upset

GH spoilers for the week of January 18th reveal that Liz will be upset. First off, it seems that trouble will be brewing between her and Franco, where Elizabeth will feel the need to confront her hubby. As the days go by, she’ll approach Jason with fury, letting him know why she’s mad. In other GH teasers, Franco will turn to Scott for some help.

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3. Jax and Nina

GH spoilers indicate that Nina and Jax will take their relationship to the next level this coming week. Added teasers for the week of January 18th reveal that Jax will need to apologize to Nina. Could this be about something small or massive? In other Jax and Nina news, Nina will see right through Valentin while Jax will feel apprehensive.

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2. Anna Looks For Answers

GH spoilers for the week of January 18th state that Anna will be on a search for answers. Does this have to do with Finn, or something else? Meanwhile, Devane will also find time to connect with Jordan and catch an update. Across town, Finn will leave Jackie in the hot seat, as he fires off some questions at her.

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1. More Spoilers!

Curtis will bond with Portia as she turns to her ex for help while Cameron will be stoked about his acceptance to a prestigious college. It sounds like some big decisions are on the horizon for the youngster. Rounding out GH spoilers, Maxie and Dante will meet up and have an emotional conversation about Lulu.

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