General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (May 18 – May 29, 2020)

Published on May 15, 2020.

A major week in drama is up ahead in the land of Port Charles, as General Hospital (GH) fans will see some unexpected things unravel during the Wiley custody hearing. While May 21st is the final fresh episode on the GH horizon, as production for the show has been shut down, the soap opera will be airing classic Nurse’s Ball episodes moving forward for the next few weeks. Below are some GH spoilers for May 18 to May 29, 2020.

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13. Wiley’s Custody Hearing

According to GH spoilers, Nelle will have a huge announcement she relays early on during the week of May 18th. Could it be that she too has gotten married? She knows Julian’s secret, and she may use it against him. In other related Nelle teasers, she’ll put on a major performance on the stand. Seems like she could position herself as a victim in all of this. Will the judge believe her? Only time will tell!

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12. Carly Messes Things Up

GH spoilers hint that Diane and Carly will have a talk the week of May 18th, potentially to help prepare Corinthos to take the stand in Wiley’s custody case. Sadly, related teasers state that Carly’s credibility will be questioned at some point, which could mean that Martin digs up her past and uses it against her and Michael.

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11. Michael On The Defensive

GH spoilers imply that Michael will have to defend something he’s done, and again, this could very well be related to his custody case. Will Martin bring something up while Michael is on the stand? Could he point out his quickie marriage to Willow and make it seem shady? Michael will definitely have some explaining to do.

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10. Sonny Gets Warned

GH spoilers hint that Jordan will warn Sonny during the week of May 18th. Does this have to do with Cyrus? In other Sonny news, he’ll be suspicious about something as the days go by, and as the week ends, he’ll demand some answers. Seems as if Sonny will have some trying times in the coming days.

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9. Valentin’s World

Near the end of next week, GH fans need to gear up for some big news from Valentin. Spoilers for the show suggest that Valentin will have a major announcement, and this could coincide with his attempt to take over ELQ. Will he accomplish this mission? Sounds as if he will.

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8. More Spoilers For The Week Of May 18th

Molly will feel as if she has a lot to celebrate while Liz will be very frank with Jason. Last but not least, Laura will have some massive concern about Robert. In fact, she’ll worry that he’s deluding himself. Could this be about Holly and the news he’s heard as of late?

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7. Flashback Friday

As GH has run out of fresh new episodes, they will be airing reruns moving forward until further notice. With that said, Friday, May 22nd will be the final Flashback Friday and will feature the show’s 52nd Anniversary special, which first aired on April 1, 2015. The episode focuses on Luke and the Spencers, in a time warp, 52 years ago. A must-see for any avid GH fan.

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6. Nurse’s Ball Theme

Starting on May 25th and for the next three weeks, GH viewers will get a nice stroll down memory lane via the rebroadcasted shows that will focus on their annual Nurse’s Ball. Makes sense as May is the time of year these shows are typically aired. The first week will focus on Nurse’s Ball episodes from 2014 and 2015.

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5. Nurse’s Ball 2014

Relive the classic 2014 Nurse’s Ball, which originally aired on May 18th of that year! The show will kick off with an unexpected proposal, and spotlight musical performances from Elizabeth, Sabrina Santiago and Felix Dubois, as well as Epiphany! Gear up to remember that special performance from Dr. Liesl Obrecht, along with the Willkommen from Cabaret.

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4. A Couple Explores Their Relationship — And More Performances

Originally aired on May 9, 2014, this Nurse’s Ball episode features Tracy and Luke, as they continue to explore their relationship. Meanwhile, Nikolas will be convinced to go to the gala, thanks to his son Spencer. Other characters performing including Kiki Jerome, TJ, Lucas, and Felix, as well as Nathan West, Michael, and Luke.

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3. More Nurse’s Ball 2014

Still strolling down Nurse’s Ball memory lane, circa 2014, Wednesday’s episode originally aired on May 12th of that year will feature a younger Spencer begging Emma for one more shot. Meanwhile, Britt Westbourne will tell Nik that she still has feelings for him. Lastly, Scotty will let it be known to Lucy that picking Kevin was a mistake (maybe it was, after all!) Performances to look forward to include a song by Brad Cooper, as well as a group number by Maxi, Molly, Kiki Jerome, Sam, and Lulu.

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2. Nurse’s Ball 2015

Jumping to some Nurse’s Ball fun in 2015, airing originally on May 1st, Brad gears up to propose to Lucas, and the truth is revealed around Hayden and Ric’s connection. Performances spotlighted in this episode is the “welcome” number by Epiphany, Liz, Felix, and Sabrina Santiago; a number by Obrecht; with Brad performing the Bruno Mars’ classic, “Marry You.” Awww! (Too bad he turns out to be an awful snake in the very end!)

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1. More Drama and Performances 

Friday will focus on another 2015 Nurse’s Ball episode, originally taking place on May 5 of that year! Jordan gets a hit taken out on her by none other than Duke Lavery, while Spencer is taken aback when a loved one visits. Finally, Liz begs Nik to stay quiet about Jason. Fans are treated to performances by Spinelli, Sabrina Santiago, and Epiphany!

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