General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (May 23 – June 3, 2022)

Published on May 24, 2022.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Port Chuckles over the next two weeks? Dante won’t be supportive, while Britt defies Selina. Also, the mystery behind Liz’s over-the-top incidents will get solved (finally)! Learn more about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for May 23rd to June 3rd, 2022.

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12. Dante Versus Sonny

GH spoilers for the week of May 23rd indicate that Dante won’t support his father’s latest move. Meanwhile, Carly will head to the yoga studio for some peace, only to get interrupted. Lastly, Wiley’s hearing will get underway! From the sounds of it, it’ll cause some major drama, as the days go by.

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11. Wiley’s Hearing Creates Chaos

GH spoilers hint that Wiley’s hearing will get started by midweek. Nina will testify first, then Scotty will place a “questionable” witness on the stand. As the days pass, Michael too will testify, and whatever he says will cause tensions to rise. Looking onward to the week of May 30th, the judge will come to a decision; will he choose in favor of Nina or Michael and Willow?

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10. Jossyln Springs Into Action!

Speaking of little Wiley, it sounds like there’s a small chance he may be in danger during the week of May 30th. GH spoilers imply that Josslyn will jump into action while watching her nephew at the park. Will she save the day, or could something terrible happen to the little boy?

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9. Britt’s World

GH spoilers for the week of May 23rd suggest that Britt will defy Ms. Wu. What will Selina suggest this time around? In other news, her ex, Nikolas will swing by with some questions. Does this have to do with Spencer? As the week of May 30th rolls around, added teasers promise that Westbourne will get intoxicated and end up causing a scene. What’s the reason behind her getting so drunk in the first place?

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8. Mystery Solved!

GH spoilers for this coming week reveal that Elizabeth will get closer to solving her mystery. However, thanks to Finn’s realization on Friday (and Violet’s comments), fans have some insight into what’s really been going on. Over the coming days, Liz’s family and friends will rally around her. Will she get the help she needs to move on?

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7. BLQ Is Frustrated

Across town, GH spoilers for the week of May 23rd hint that BLQ will be frustrated about her situation, thanks to Linc. In other Quartermaine family teasers, Valentin will pay Ned a visit during the week of May 30th. Sounds like these two may form an ELQ alliance against Drew and Michael, after all!

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6. Rory, Trina and Spencer

GH spoilers for this coming week hint that Rory and Trina will get a little closer this week as he drops by the art gallery… again! Added teasers reveal that Spence will experience some jealousy when he sees the Port Charles cop hanging out with his “friend”. In other news, all the singles in town will meet up for the “Society Setups” event taking place at the Metro Court Pool.

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5. Cassadine Drama Unfolds

Over to the Cassadines, GH spoilers for the week of May 23rd imply that sparks could fly between Ava and Victor, as the two enjoy some martinis together. Over the coming days, Victor will play the role of “chaperone” between Ava and Nik. By the time this Friday hits, Ava and Laura will have a chat while throwing some axes.

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4. Esme’s World

GH spoilers for this week suggest that Esme will learn about the new “conditions” placed on Spence’s trust fund allowance. How will she react? She’ll stir up some drama, naturally! But who will her victims be this time around? Lastly, Esme will find Nikolas in a vulnerable state, and there’s a good chance she’ll take advantage of the situation.

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3. Nikolas Starts Acting Odd

Looking onward to the week of May 30th, GH spoilers hint that Nikolas will be acting odd and Ava will call him out on his “weird” behavior. What has Nik done to have him behaving so awkwardly, and does this have to do with Esme? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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2. Amy Eavesdrops

Over at the hospital, GH spoilers for this week state that Chet will share some news with Terry, while Amy listens to their conversation. Typical Amy, eavesdropping! Added teasers note that Chet will need to make a difficult choice and Terry will do what she can to help him through it all. Who else loves seeing Terry and Chet together?

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1. More Spoilers!

Lastly, rounding out GH spoilers, TJ will have news to share with Curtis, so how will Mr. Ashford react to what he hears? In other teasers, Alexis and Gregory will have a disagreement about The Invader, but will these two feel some sparks during their disagreement? Both could use some romance in their lives!

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