General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 12, 2021)

Published on April 7, 2021.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s coming down the pipe in the land of Port Chuckles over the coming week? Peter’s up to no good (as per the usual) while Britt and Maxie solidify their plan. Also, “Mike” starts to get suspicious. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for the week of April 12, 2021.

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9. Peter’s Threat

GH spoilers imply that Peter August will have a busy week. First, he’ll throw out a threat to someone in the coming days. Who could this be now? In other news, he’ll push Anna’s buttons. As the weekend hits, something will leave Devane horrified. Will Peter be behind what stuns Anna to her very core?

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8. Maxie and Britt

GH spoilers suggest that Maxie and Britt’s plan against Peter August will start to take form. Will Peter buy what these two women are selling? It’s hard to say. He’s pretty sharp and can see a con a mile away. In other news, Valentin and Anna will regroup as the weekend hits. Could they have hit a snag when it comes to their plan of bringing August down?

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7. Mike and Nina

Lots of drama unfolding in Nixon Falls! First, “Mike” will be on the hunt for some details in the coming days. Sounds like he might want to know more about Nina and where she comes from. In other news, Nina will get a call from Jax this week. Will she be able to dodge any questions about “where she is”?

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6. Mike Gets Suspicious

Added GH spoilers hint that Nina will get a personal tour of the little town by Elijah. Will the man place Reeves in dire circumstance? He seems sketchy, to say the least! Meanwhile, something will make “Mike” very suspicious. Is it Nina’s behavior, or could this be about Elijah? His suspicion could arise from a “flashback” that he can’t explain.

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5. Splitsville For Curtis and Jordan?

Across town, GH spoilers indicate that Jordan and Curtis will finally get together to iron out where their relationship stands. Does this mean they are headed for a divorce? In other news, Portia and Taggert will cross paths this week, too. As the days go by, Curtis will turn to Finn to confide in, while Portia and Jordan have a run-in.

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4. Baby Momma Drama (Well, Sort Of …)

Okay, so BLQ is not expecting, as some fans have been speculating. With that said, GH spoilers find that she’ll struggle as Olivia continues to be an “overbearing” grandparent-to-be. Boy, will Falconeri be disappointed when the truth comes out. Speaking of Liv, Brook Lynn and Dante will spend some time together this week, as the two old friends catch up.

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3. Sasha, Brando, Michael, and Willow

GH spoilers suggest that Brando and Sasha will continue to bond this week. Seems like after Sasha’s run-in this week that “interrupted” Michael and Willow, the idea of a reunion with him might be out the window. Speaking of Mr. Corinthos, he’ll count his blessings in the coming days, while Willow will feel hopeless.

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2. Carly’s World

Something will send Carly out of town in the coming days because GH spoilers hint she’ll return to Port Chucks the week of April 12th feeling very overwhelmed. In other Carly news, she’ll get a visit from Laura and the conversation between the two ladies might not be the brightest. This might have to do with Cyrus and his mom.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers for this week, Alexis makes a new friend, while Nikolas decides that enough is enough. Seems as if Cassadine will take some action. Lastly, Finn and Anna will meet in the coming days and it seems as if they’ll be on the same page after their discussion. Is this a good sign for Fanna fans?

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