General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 27, 2020)

Published on April 22, 2020.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What events are about to unravel in the land of Port Charles? There will be an important meeting between some major crime players; Molly will confide in one of her sisters; and Laura will give Lulu a pep talk. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of April 27, 2020.

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9. Meeting Of The Minds

According to GH spoilers, Cyrus will have a meeting with Jason and Sonny this coming week. Can they reach some sort of agreement to end the chaos ensuing in the little town? Very interesting that Jason has now become part of this negotiation process. Here’s hoping for resolution; however, it will probably all result in more drama.

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8. Laura and Lulu

GH spoilers tease that Laura will try and reassure Lulu this week. She’ll probably give her a pep talk about Valentin’s influence on Charlotte, and potentially the little girl’s recent actions. Laura knows how hard it is to co-parent with a Cassadine, and just how their bad habits can reflect upon a child. Here’s hoping things will turn around for Charlotte and soon.

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7. Lulu Rushes To Crimson

Speaking of little Charlotte, GH spoilers hint that Lulu will find herself “racing” to Crimson mid-week. This could have to do with work, or it may have to do with her daughter. Charlotte continues to spend a lot of time with Nina, which is a good thing, but with all that she’s been up to lately, here’s hoping she doesn’t pull another prank that has Lulu (and Nina) worried.

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6. Molly Spills All?

As per GH spoilers, Molly will confide in sister Kristina about something this week. Could it be about her fling with Brando, or is she’s hiding another secret? Seems as if Molly may be feeling more guilty than ever about what she did with Brando, and she may be looking for some advice on how to handle things.

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5. Michael Gets Some Support

Carly will be in full momma bear mode the following week, as GH spoilers indicate that she’ll be comforting Michael about something. Could it be a broken heart? Chase and Sasha have been “caught” in the act, and the aftermath of their actions may continue to have an effect on Michael (and Willow for that matter) in the coming days. Between this, taking care of Wiley, and Nelle, Michael sure has his hands full as of late.

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4. Finn Can See The Truth

While fans know that Chase and Sasha aren’t really a “thing,” their scheme seemed pretty believable. It’s clear that Willow and Michael will be devastated by the two having an “affair.” However, there is one person they may not be able to fool. GH spoilers tease that Chase’s brother Finn will “see” through his lies this coming week. Seems as if Finn knows Chase all too well – he would never cheat on Willow.

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3. Chase and Willow

Is this officially the end of the Chase and Willow super couple as GH fans know it? Will the two break up? Will Willow run into Michael’s arms and finally marry him, in an effort to save Wiley from Nelle? Hard to say, but spoilers for the show do hint that Willow and Chase will debate a certain issue late next week. Something will have them arguing.

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2. Moving Forward

GH spoilers indicate that Trina and Cameron will be aiming to move forward from all they’ve been through, hoping for a fresh start. Could it be that they decide to stay friends, or will next week see them pondering the idea of starting a new and fresh chapter on their romance? Only time will tell!

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1. Dev Is Curious

Lastly, Dev will become suspicious of something or someone, next week. Could it be Brando? Regardless, GH spoilers suggest that his curiosity will be piqued, so whatever it is, he may want to investigate a little more before he turns to anyone. Just a reminder that GH is airing Flashback Friday episodes weekly to ensure they can broadcast new content for as long as possible.

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