General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 6, 2020)

Published on April 2, 2020. Updated April 3, 2020

Wonder what will happen in the land of General Hospital (GH) in the coming week? JaSam will take a break; Laura and Robert will faceoff with Cyrus; and Nina will try to reason with Nelle. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of April 6, 2020.

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9. Faceoff With Cyrus

GH spoilers tease that Robert and Laura are set for a confrontation with Cyrus early on in the week. The scene should be filled with plenty of drama! In other related teasers, Jordan will feel quite conflicted over all that is happening around her. Seems as if the guilt around what she is doing could very well catch up to her this week.

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8. JaSam Needs Time Apart

For the safety of Sam and the kids, Jason will make a call and place some distance between him and the love of his life, but only for a little while. But, will Sam comply to these terms laid out by Jason? According to GH spoilers, Morgan will hold his ground around all this as the week progresses.

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7. Nina Tries With Nelle

GH spoilers indicate that Nina will take Nelle aside this week and try to reason with her. She may talk to her about what she’s doing with the whole Michael/Wiley situation, and Nina will work hard to get through to Nelle. In other related teasers, it sounds like Jax has something special for Nina in the coming days that she won’t be in the loop about.

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6. Michael’s Next Move

Speaking of, Michael has one thing on his mind lately, and that is gaining sole custody of Wiley. GH spoilers suggest that he’ll discuss what his next moves are, so it sounds like he has a strategy set in place. But, can he ultimately win this case in the long run?

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5. Peter’s Wish

GH spoilers indicate that Peter will wish Robert could be distracted with something. He’s over Scorpio’s constant need to nail him, and Peter will hope that he can find something else to preoccupy his time with. In other related teasers, Liesl will get a visit from someone. Perhaps a new ally?

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4. Sonny Has Cause For Concern

Sonny will continue to have a lot on his plate with Mike’s decline; however, he’ll also be concerned about people in his orbit. As per GH spoilers, something will pop up that has him worried about Brando, and he’ll be overall concerned about Carly. He may believe his wife is taking on way too much right now between Joss, Michael’s custody case, a baby, and work.

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3. Special Episode

Speaking of, a special episode will be aired this coming week (date to be determined), highlighting Carly and her past. The show will offer some interesting insight into Carly’s history and may offer up unexpected information that could shed light on current storylines. Should make for an entertaining episode for fans of Carly, and non-fans alike!

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2. Bobbie’s News

GH spoilers reveal that Bobbie will get some news that will unsettle her in the coming days. Could it be health-related, about a family member or a friend? Regardless, she may not be too pleased to hear what is coming down the pipe this week. Here’s hoping that she’ll turn to Carly or Sonny if she needs anything.

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1. Friday’s Episodes

As GH production has come to a halt during, the show is currently airing “Flashback” episodes on Fridays until further notice. While the classic GH episode they are airing hasn’t been determined as of this writing for April 10th, this Friday’s show (April 3rd) will be the show’s 57th Anniversary Special.

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