General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (December 10, 2018)

Published on December 10, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

Still reeling from Kiki’s death, Port Charles will gather to say goodbye this week at her memorial service. General Hospital (GH) fans should expect plenty of tears, chaos, and drama at the funeral! What else should viewers expect this week? Read the GH spoilers for the week of December 10, 2018, to find out!

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9. Nina Is Disappointed

GH spoilers tease that Nina will be hit with a disappointment of sorts this week, and it may have to do with Sasha wanting to leave Port Charles. There’s a good chance Nina will stress about not being about to change Sasha’s mind, but it sounds like Valentin may step in.

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8. Money, Money, Money

GH spoilers tease there is a good chance that Valentin may bribe Sasha into staying in town, and spoilers also state that he will continue his reunion efforts with Nina this week. Seems like someone will support this idea, and encourage Nina to give Valentin another chance. Sasha maybe? If she’s getting some money to stay in Port Chuckles, swaying her bio mom to stay with Richy-Rich Cassadine might be up her alley.

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7. Ava Struggles

Ava will continue to struggle with Kiki’s death this week, dealing with sorrow and bitter anger. She’ll continue down a road of depression as she tries to process what has happened. GH spoilers state that Ava will run into a surprising visitor, who catches her off guard. Here’s hoping that the unknown person can lift her spirits.

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6. Carly Visits Morgan

Kiki’s passing has re-opened some old wounds for Carly, and GH spoilers indicate that she’ll visit Morgan’s grave this week, as she processes everything that has happened in town as of late. In other GH spoilers for Carly, she’ll pay “Kevin” (a.k.a. Ryan) a visit to confront him about something. She’ll take a stand with him, so here’s hoping she watches her back.

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5. Kiki Service

GH spoilers indicate that all hell breaks loose at Kiki’s funeral this week, as Carly pokes a bit of a stick at Ava, unleashing her wrath. It seems like Carly won’t mean to upset Ava; however, that won’t matter in the end. Viewers should expect the grieving mom to explode and have a meltdown of epic proportions in front of everyone at the service. It won’t be her finest moment in Port Charles.

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4. Julian Deals With Sticky Situation

GH spoilers indicate that Julian will deal with something tricky this week, and arrows seem to be pointing to the idea that it has to do with Kim. Julian won’t be pushy, as Kim has a lot to deal with (along with Drew) when it comes to Oscar and his clinical trial, and spoilers tease that he’ll back off the situation and let the parents deal with this on their own.

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3. Oscar Is Given Space

Speaking of, while she has hesitations about this, Kim will give Oscar the space he needs this week. He will also get a visit from Sonny Corinthos, and the two will have a nice heart-to-heart chat. Sonny has seen it and done it all, so here’s hoping the mob boss can give the youngster some hope and sound advice.

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2. Finn’s World

GH spoilers indicate that Anna will feel good about her relationship with Finn this week, as any past issues seem to continue to get resolved. Speaking of Finn, he’ll have some tender brother-bonding moments with Chase this week, so viewers should get geared up for some nice scenes between these two.

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1. More Spoilers

Sam’s curiosity will increase this week, and it seems to be around the Leland Powell case. In other GH spoilers, Stella is given some insight, while Laura turns to Lulu to confide in. Speaking of, Sonny is given an update by Laura, while Willow will be surprised this week. Will it be Chad or Michael doing the surprising?

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