General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (December 12, 2022)

Published on December 7, 2022.

Tragedy is set to befall Port Charles this week on General Hospital (GH)! When Trina is left devastated by something, Ava will go on the warpath. Meanwhile, Carly’s scheme will hit a snag, as Drew bonds with Willow. Plus, is this the end for Britt? Learn more about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for the week of December 12th, 2022.

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9. A New Alliance

When Heather forms an alliance with someone, viewers won’t need a fine-tooth comb to figure out who she’s in cahoots with. Obviously, it’ll be someone as recklessly immoral as Ms. Webber is. Will it be Victor or Ryan? Meanwhile, something is about to catch Finn totally off guard!

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8. Is Esme The Hook Slasher?

Early in the week, Esme will attempt to manipulate Nik and fail miserably. The tables may turn later in the week, however, as Nik will be put on the spot and Liz will have a new reason to worry. For those GH fans who believe that Esme is the Hook Slasher — since no attacks have occurred since Ms. Prince wound up in Wyndemere — here’s a teaser: another tragedy is about to strike Port Charles!

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7. Hints Of A Tragedy

A few GH spoilers for the week ahead provide hints about this upcoming tragedy. As Rory gets some approval from Jordan, Dante will be on the cusp of solving a mystery after following a new lead. Could the PCPD identify or even catch the Hook Slasher?

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6. Ava Declares War

The other evidence that the Hook Slasher is back pertains (as usual) to Trina! Ava is always the best version of herself when she’s with Trina. So, when Ms. Robinson needs some support, she’ll have the best confidante. But as the days pass, Trina will be left devastated and Ava will be ready to declare war. Are we about to see Ms. Jerome in momma bear mode?

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5. Setbacks All Around!

Don’t shoot the messenger! GH spoilers for the week ahead state that Drew might take some flack when he delivers news. It sounds like Carly’s master plan will suffer a setback, as Cain forms a tighter bond with Willow. In unrelated teasers for later in the week, Laura will keep her faith in Spencer after he loses his temper. What will happen to Cassadine in Pentonville?

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4. Nina’s Place

Is there trouble in paradise between Nina and Sonny? After she tried (and failed) to play nice with Joss, Ms. Reeves will have concerns about her place in Mr. Corinthos’ life. Will Sonny find himself caught in the middle between his family and Nina… again?

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3. Maxie’s Change Of Heart

GH spoilers state that Maxie will be seriously unimpressed by something Austin does early in the week. As the days pass, Cody will be there for Ms. Jones when she needs a friend. Jeez, where does Spinelli fit into this rotation?

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2. Is This The End For Britt?

Could Maxie need a friend because something’s about to happen to Britt? Viewers know that actress Kelly Thiebaud has left the show, and GH spoilers reveal that Britt will have a touching moment with her bestie, Brad. That same day, however, Sonny will be on hand to comfort Liesl, of all people. Could Britt’s mother be in mourning?

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1. More Spoilers!

Here are a few GH spoilers to round out the week ahead! After Alexis and Gregory brainstorm their next move, Ms. Davis will touch base with Curtis. Elsewhere, Valentin will give Anna reassurances when she worries that things are getting out of control.

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General Hospital: Spoilers For December 2022

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General Hospital: Spoilers For December 2022

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