General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (February 10, 2020)

Published on February 5, 2020.

The week of Valentine’s is upon us! What’s in store for Port Charles residents? It sounds like a little romance for some, but mainly strain and drama for most. Carly will look for the truth while Sonny will have concerns. Also, Anna will feel stressed! Learn about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of February 10, 2020.

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9. Sonny and Mike

As per GH spoilers, Sonny will worry about Mike this week, but as the days go by, he’ll get a little reminder about appreciating the time he has left with his dad. In other related stories, Carly will get down to the bottom of things and seek out the truth.

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8. Anna Gets A Visitor

In some feel-good spoilers, while Anna Devane will be feeling the stress this week, it seems like she’ll get a visitor to help her forget about her worries. Granddaughter Emma Scorpio-Drake will pop into Port Charles this week as young actress Brooklyn Rae Silzer reprises her GH role. She’s sure to help Anna during this trying time, and perhaps bond a little with Violet.

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7. Peter’s World

Speaking of bonding, spoilers indicate that Peter will spend some time with his niece this week as the two hang out while Emma is in town. In other potentially related spoilers, Robert will feel a tad confrontational, so perhaps he catches Peter with Emma, and feels the need to speak up about it.

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6. Finn’s Commitment

GH spoilers suggest that Finn will remain committed to protecting Anna this week, so it seems the couple may continue to have issues arise because of Peter. Anna’s “son” has done a great job covering things up, but how long can he keep up the charade, especially when he has Finn (and Robert) on his tail?

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5. JaSam Meet

Peter also has Jason and Sam to contend with. GH spoilers hint that JaSam will have a secret meeting in the coming days. Will it be to plot against Peter, or will romance be in the air? After all, they are days away from Valentine’s? Maybe a bit of both. As the week comes to an end, teasers suggest that Sam will come up with an idea.

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4. Nina and Ava

Nina and Ava continue to bond this week, as GH spoilers relay that Nina will confide in Ava about something. Could it be about feelings towards Jax, or how she still has a soft spot for Valentin? Or potentially both? In other related teasers, Jax will feel as if he can finally move forward.

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3. Valentin’s Announcement

GH spoilers suggest that Valentin will make some sort of announcement as the week rounds up. What could this be about? As Friday hits, Valentin will find that his life has taken a terrible and dark turn. Life without Nina and Charlotte may finally bring him back to reality, and shaky ground.

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2. Alexis Supports

GH spoilers for this week indicate that Alexis will offer some support. Could this be about Neil? According to February Sweeps teasers, (as a friend) Alexis will provide legal help to Neil so that he can get back his license. She cares about Neil, and wants him to be happy, so she’ll do all she can to ensure he gets back on track with his career.

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1. Willow Is Interjected

Last but not least, GH spoilers state that Willow will be interrupted by someone this week. Could it be Nelle? Potentially Brad? Regardless of who, she won’t be too pleased by it, and both of these characters have been working her last nerve as it is. It should be interesting how things roll out on the Baby Wiley front this coming week.

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