General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (January 14, 2019)

Published on January 10, 2019.

This week on General Hospital (GH), Laura will make a big announcement, while Josslyn thanks Cameron for helping Oscar. Also, Drew and Kim ponder a future without their son and Jason warns Drew about Shiloh and the Dawn of Day group. Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the GH spoilers for the week of January 14, 2019.

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10. Grateful Friend

Thanks to Drew coming to his aid at the last minute last week and telling the judge that Cameron was a “hero” for trying to help his son, Cameron was given probation for buying the weed for Oscar last month. Spoilers say that although Josslyn is still devastated by Oscar’s most recent prognosis, she will express her gratitude to Cam this week.

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9. Laura’s Statement

Spoilers show that Laura is going to make a big announcement this week. Will it have something to do with the mayoral election? Could it be that Laura has found out all about Spencer’s hacking? Or will her declaration have something to do with her personal life or possibly even something to do with Kevin?

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8. Ryan’s Next Victim

It’s also rumored that Kevin, a.k.a. Ryan, will set up a meeting with Carly this week. GH January spoilers have indicated Kevin will murder another resident of Port Charles this month, and Carly could become victim #4 in his killing spree. Viewers will recall that Ryan swore he would make Carly pay dearly for her treatment of Ava, but is time for her to pay up, or will he choose someone else as his next casualty?

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7. Bonding Through Their Grief

Now that Kim and Drew know that Oscar’s brain tumor is inoperable, what does this mean for Oscar and his parents, moving forward? Oscar’s illness has already brought Kim and Drew closer together, but will it lead to a serious relationship between them? The pair do have a history together, albeit it’s a history that Drew doesn’t remember. Spoilers are indicating that both Kim and Drew will ponder their future this week as they face the death of their son. But is it a future that will see them get back together?

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6. Supportive Son

Spoilers indicate Sonny will be torn, and it will have something to do with his father. While he has his good and bad days, rumor has it that Mike’s Alzheimer’s is getting worse and Sonny will try to help him through it. And now that Yvonne’s husband has moved her out of the hospital, Sonny will try to divert his father’s attention elsewhere this week.

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5. Sisterly Sustenance

Although she has major doubts about where her sister Kristina is living and where her loyalties lie, Sam will agree to hear her sister out and will tell her she has her support this week. And though it will be good to see the sisters getting along, is Sam really going to let this go? Or is she just agreeing with Kristina to placate her for now?

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4. Dawn Of Day Drama

On the other hand, Jason is not going to let up when it comes to Shiloh and his cult-like group Dawn of Day. He will warn Drew about the mysterious leader next week and possibly tell him to avoid Shiloh altogether. But the fact that Shiloh has told Drew they were friends when they served as Navy Seals in Afghanistan together may make it difficult for Drew to stay away from him. Drew may be drawn to him if only because he thinks Shiloh can help him remember his past. Will Drew heed his brother Jason’s warning about Shiloh?

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3. Worried Stepmom

Speaking of Drew, Monica is going to be worried about her stepson this week. Clearly, Drew has had a lot to deal with lately and he is going to have to make a choice about his memories and what he’s going to do with the flash drive. But the worst of it was the news last week that Oscar’s experimental cancer treatments didn’t work. Will Monica be able to lend him a sympathetic ear and provide him with a little bit of comfort?

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2. Peter’s Decision

Peter will make a decision this week that won’t sit right with Lulu. Is he going to tell her that he’s changed his mind about running the story based on the information Margaux told her last week because it was off the record? Or will his decision be based on something more personal? Whatever it is, spoilers indicate that Lulu isn’t going to like it.

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1. Sneak Peek – Week of January 21, 2019

Ryan will be gloating next week about how he’s getting away with murder and will let his guard down, but will anyone notice? Also, Kim will talk to Elizabeth about her heartbreak over Oscar’s worsening condition and her breakup with Julian, and Jason will risk his life for someone, but for who? Stay tuned!

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