General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (January 20, 2020)

Published on January 15, 2020.

Nikolas will have to face the music on multiple fronts, this week on General Hospital (GH). Also, Sonny will do his best to comfort his father, while Nelle may have to pay someone off. And Valentin will be served. Learn more below in the GH spoilers for the week of January 20, 2020.

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9. Shaken Nelle

Nelle will be shaken up when Brook Lynn pays her a visit. Did Brook Lynn discover that Nelle is baby Wiley’s biological mother, or has she found out about something else? Rumor has it that Nelle will offer to pay off Brook Lynn for her silence. With her financial woes hanging over her head and no help forthcoming from her father, she may just accept Nelle’s money.

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8. Sonny Comforts His Father

Sonny will do his best to comfort his father Mike this week. It looks like Mike’s girlfriend Yvonne may suffer a medical crisis. Other spoilers show Jordan will rush to deal with an emergency, will it have something to do with Yvonne? As viewers may remember, Mike took the ring Finn was going to propose to Anna with, so he could ask Yvonne to marry him. The ring was eventually returned to Finn, but members of Mike’s family arranged a heartwarming fake marriage for the couple. How will Mike deal with Yvonne’s crisis, especially if she passes away, and how will Sonny console him?

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7. Gladys Is Impressed

Speaking of Mike, spoilers tease that his cousin Gladys will be impressed this week. Viewers know Sonny paid her off to pretend she’s Dev’s grandmother, so the boy can stay in the U.S. And it looks like Sonny will be the one who impresses her. She will be overwhelmed by his deep love for his father and his willingness to do anything to help improve Mike’s condition.

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6. Nikolas And Ava’s Pact

Spoilers indicate Nikolas and Ava will come to an agreement. First, Ava will try to smooth things over with her new husband. Will they decide to work together to make sure Valentin ends up in prison for good? Later in the week, both Ava and Nina will react to something – will they be reacting to something Lulu does?

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5. Valentin Is Served

Speaking of Lulu, she will make good on her threat to take custody of Charlotte away from Valentin. This week, he will be served a court order, advising him that Lulu has filed for sole custody of their daughter. Lulu believes that Charlotte’s biological father is a bad influence on her and she’d had it with him after his last marriage attempt with Nina. Valentin will be angry and ready for a fight when he is served with the papers, but can he win?

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4. Brad’s Strange Behavior

Willow will question Brad’s strange behavior this week. She will grow increasingly frustrated with Brad and begin to wonder what is going on with him. With Nelle out of prison, Brad feels like the baby Wiley secret could come out at any time. It’s making him even more tense than he already was. And spoilers tease Brad will be in the hot seat – will Willow start to suspect he’s hiding something from everyone?

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3. Finn Confronts Nikolas

GH spoilers tease that Finn will confront Nik this week and deliver an ultimatum. He recently discovered that Hayden left town because of him. It’s expected that Finn will unload on Nik. He’s frustrated because Hayden hadn’t been back in Port Charles for long before she took off, with no real explanation. Nik also helped Cassandra escape town, so will Finn find out about that also?

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2. Nikolas Faces The Music

It looks like Nikolas will face the music on two more fronts. First, he’ll deal with his wife Ava. She’s already told him he’s not going to get what he desires until she gets what she wants. Will she give him another ultimatum? Then, Nik will have to bite the bullet when he is confronted by Spencer. His son will want to know why he let him think, for years, that he had passed away. But Nik made his own bed and now he’s going to have to lie on it. How will he explain his years-long absence to Spencer?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of January 27

GH spoilers indicate that Sonny will have much to answer for, but to whom – perhaps his wife Carly? Also, Michael will appreciate Ned’s influence when it comes to Tracy and ELQ. And Sam and Jason will talk about Peter. They already suspect he’s up to something, but will they finally discover the truth? Keep watching GH to find out!

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