General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (January 6, 2020)

Published on January 2, 2020.

It’s officially 2020, and with the new year in full swing, Port Charles is ready to unleash more drama, romance, and adventure. Learn about what will happen to Nina, Maxie, Valentin, Peter, Anna, Finn, JaSam, and others in the coming days, by checking out the below General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of January 6, 2020.

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9. Peter Taken Aback

There are plenty who are looking to catch Peter in his own lies, and GH spoilers hint that he’ll be caught off-guard this coming week. Perhaps someone walks in on a conversation or confronts him on something, but whatever it is, he won’t expect it and get startled by the situation. Won’t be long now before Anna and Maxie find out the truth, and he’ll be in deep waters.

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8. Nina Asks For Help

Speaking of Maxie, according to GH spoilers, Nina will turn to her for some assistance this week. Whether it’s for work or personal reasons, there’s a good chance that Maxie will step in and help her friend with whatever she needs. This may also have to do with Valentin, and Maxie will be more than willing to lend a hand.

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7. The Right Place At The Right Time

GH spoilers tease that Anna will be placed in a situation that lands her in the “right place, at the right time.” Could this have to do with gathering information about Peter or potentially her twin sister Alex? There is also a small chance this has to do with a job or business opportunity. Regardless, it seems like it may be a smooth week for Anna Devane.

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6. Alexis Concerned

Across town, GH spoilers reveal that Sam will do something to put-off Alexis. She’s just been released from Pentonville (on parole); however, while Sam may be eager to jump back into freedom and “normal” living, the memories of jail, moreover, living with Cassandra and Nelle, might still be lingering in her mind. Here’s hoping Sam will be okay.

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5. Jason Turns To Robert

Sam’s better half Jason will be hoping that Robert can lend a hand this week. According to GH spoilers, he’ll turn to Scorpio for some assistance. Perhaps this has to do with Sam or digging up some information on Peter. Jason knows that Robert only has Anna (and Maxie’s) best interests at heart, and Jason also knows he can trust him. In other Jason teasers for the week, he’ll want to make a deal with someone in the coming days.

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4. Michael and Sasha

As per GH spoilers, Michael will be worried about something this week. Could it be Lucas’ condition, and where Wiley will end up? Perhaps his concern is centered around Nelle and her potential release from Pentonville. Regardless, it seems as if girlfriend Sasha will offer some support. Teasers hint that she’ll provide some encouragement to someone who needs it this week.

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3. Sonny’s Demands

GH spoilers suggest that Sonny will confront Julian in the coming days. Corinthos will demand some answers from Jerome. As the week progresses, teasers state that Julian will be fearful of something. Could Sonny put two-and-two together about his role in Brad and Lucas’ car accident?

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2. Jordan’s World

Upon hearing about an old colleague’s passing recently, Jordan won’t have the best of days this week coming. GH spoilers paint a picture around her being quite frustrated and not happy in the least. Could these emotions have to do with the news she was given, or potentially be about Curtis?

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers this week, Valentin will feel confused around something, while Ava will fall into some good luck (for a change). Carly will feel annoyed, and it’s hard not to wonder if this has to do with Nelle or Sonny’s constant questioning of her actions? Lastly, Laura will be a little worried over a situation, which could have to do with granddaughter Charlotte.

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