General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 22, 2019)

Published on July 18, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019

Drew will be puzzled when he receives a mysterious package, this week on General Hospital (GH). Also, Shiloh will have flashbacks to when he and Drew spent time together in Afghanistan and Lulu will get divorce papers. Plus, a sneak peek at next week. Learn more below in the GH spoilers for the week of July 22, 2019.

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9. Mystery Box

GH Spoilers tease Drew will receive a strange package on July 26. There’s no indication that the package will show who the sender is, so it will be very mysterious. Other rumors tease the box could be an enemy sending him a covert warning of some kind. Or could it hold some kind of clue about his history or the memory mapping reclamation he went through? What will Drew find when he opens the package, and could this mysterious box contain a peek into Drew’s past?

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8. Shiloh Confrontation

Speaking of Drew, spoilers show Shiloh will have flashbacks to the time the men spent together in Afghanistan.  Viewers will finally find out what the nature of their relationship is and why Drew’s memories could be important to the cult leader. Other speculation has stated it could turn out Dawn of Day’s true founder isn’t Shiloh at all – it’s Drew!

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7. Valentin And Ava Face Off

Rumor has it, old enemies Valentin and Ava will have a fierce run-in this week. Ava has hated Valentin since she watched him pump a bullet into Nikolas, knowing that bullet had been meant for her. She will also look for a second opinion this week, so it’s possible Ava will be disappointed in her psychic Sibley’s attempts to contact her late daughter Kiki.

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6. Nina’s Bad News

Speaking of Valentin, Nina will have some bad news for him this week. It looks like she may be putting off their wedding again until Crimson’s quarterly profits are up. If so, this will be the second time in as many months that Nina has put off marrying Valentin. She loves him but doesn’t want to sacrifice her career over a wedding. This news should please Jax, who has been causing trouble for Valentin and Nina since he returned to Port Charles.

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5. Cameron’s Betrayal

Cameron will do something to betray someone he cares about during his community service assignment. It won’t be Josslyn he is disloyal to, as GH spoilers show he will offer her his support this week. All signs point to Cameron likely betraying his friend Trina, but what will he do, and could he end up putting his probation in jeopardy?

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4. Michael Comes Clean

GH spoilers indicate Michael will come clean with his girlfriend Sasha this week. Will he tell her about his growing feelings for Willow? Probably not. Viewers know Sasha is keeping a huge secret from Michael that is going to blow their relationship apart when it is revealed. But what will Michael confess to her, and it could be something to do with baby “Wiley.”

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3. Nelle Stirs The Pot

Viewers can expect to see Nelle again this week and spoilers show she will taunt Michael from Pentonville – and the timing couldn’t be worse. It will be Jonah’s birthday, so she will get in touch with Michael to rub it in. Nelle is no pain when it comes to her son with Michael, as she knows he is alive and well and living with Brad and Lucas as “Wiley.”

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2. Divorce Papers

Other Spoilers tease Lulu will return home after Aiden’s birthday party to find divorce papers waiting for her from Dante. Even though she has forgiven her bestie Maxie for interfering in her relationship and tracking down Dante, she may blame her when she receives the papers. Dante’s PTSD issues are still rampant, which was proven when he shot Peter, and he’s afraid he’s a danger to his family. But will Lulu sign the papers, or will she continue to fight for her relationship with her husband?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of July 29

Once Drew opens the mystery box, it looks like it will indeed contain a memento from his past. Plus, Michael’s plans will take an unexpected turn next week and Dr. Obrecht will agree to keep quiet about a secret she’s been harboring. She has already hinted to Nina to: “Watch it, niece! I will blow your house down!” Will Valentin warn Liesl to keep her mouth shut about Sasha? Stay Tuned!

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