General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 1, 2020)

Published on May 27, 2020.

Week number two of reruns for General Hospital (GH) fans, as the daytime drama is out of new episodes due to the shutdown on production. The good news is that fans get to walk down memory lane and re-live some classic GH shows! Below is an overview of what to expect in the land of Port Charles for the week of June 1, 2020.

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10. Nurses Ball

Fans are enjoying week number two of the Nurses Ball theme, with one more week to go come June 8th! The annual performance gala that raises awareness around HIV/AIDS typically airs this time of year, so watching these shows (again), plus the cute numbers, has been a treat for GH fans and has filled a void of sorts since there will be no 2020 Nurses Ball this year (although one could be taped at some point once production resumes).

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9. Things To Expect

The shows highlighted this week include Nurses Ball epis from 2016, 2017, and 2018! For those fans that miss actor Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine), he’ll be spotlighted in some episodes, and viewers will get to see other old and familiar faces like Dillon Quartermaine, Kiki Jerome, Griffin Munro, and Morgan Corinthos, to name a few.

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8. Carly Tries to Blackmail Ava

A show that originally aired on May 25, 2016, this Monday’s episode will highlight “that time” when Carly tried to blackmail Ava (did they ever get along?), while Jake got a helping hand from Franco. Meanwhile, Nikolas was desperate to stop Hayden from blabbing to Jordan. Then, there was the 2016 Nurses Ball itself …

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7. Nurses Ball Performances

Cute Nurses Ball numbers spotlighted in this episode include “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” performed by Eddie Maine (a.k.a. Ned Ashton) and Emma Scorpio-Drake, plus “This Changes Everything” performed by Franco and Jake. The event takes a turn for the naughty when Magic Milo (Giambetti) and his Magic Wands group (Dillon, Griffin, Felix DuBois, and Curtis Ashford) do a striptease.

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6. The Chimera and Helena Cassadine

Remember when GH was all about the Chimera and Helena Cassadine? Rewind to an episode that aired originally on May 23, 2017! Jake shows Charlotte and Emma his “Chimera” canister, while Jason discovers that Anna’s Chimera necklace has fallen on the floor. Lastly, Sonny gets a hold of Morgan’s meds.

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5. More Chimera Drama

More Nurses Ball on Wednesday and more Chimera insanity! On an episode that originally aired on May 24, 2017, Jake will be terrified when he spots Anna’s Chimera necklace while Valentin will let Devane know that he sold the Chimera to Helena. Last but not least, Nelle gets a visit from Michael while she’s in the hospital.

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4. More Nurses Ball Performances

What should you expect from those musical numbers come Wednesday? Emma, Kristina Corinthos, Valerie Spencer, and Amy Driscoll will perform “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, while Valentin will belt out Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes On.” Lastly, Joss Jacks performs “It’s Not Over Yet.” Another fun Nurses Ball lineup to enjoy!

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3. More Chimera Drama

Continue down the 2017 Nurses Ball, circa the Chimera era, Thursday’s show highlights the May 25th episode of that year. CarSon will find out that Ava was the one behind Morgan’s pill switch, and Nina will take Valentin back. Meanwhile, Anna will inform Jason that she’s searching for a bio-toxin referred to as the Chimera, and Jake feels like he sees Helena ordering him to conduct a magic trick with the Chimera.

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2. More Musical Numbers

Musical numbers showcased on Thursday’s episode include George Michael’s “Faith,” performed by Olivia and Ned Quartermaine while Dillon and Kiki perform David Bowie’s “Modern Love.” Last but not least, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is performed by Felix, Amy, Deanna, Epiphany, and Bobbie. Should be a fun show to re-watch and re-live!

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1. Curtis Proposes 

Originally aired on May 17, 2018, re-live that time when Curtis proposed to Jordan, while Alexis eavesdropped on Finn telling Anna that he still has feelings for her. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Sam will come across Faison’s lighter while she’s in Peter’s office. Nurses Ball numbers to catch include “Everyday People” performed by GH nurses (Felix, Bobbie, Amy, Epiphany, and Deanna) while Harrison Chase performs “Feel It Still.”

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