General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 14, 2021)

Published on June 9, 2021.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Port Charles over the next week? Nina returns to town and gets an update from various friends, while Maxie might be in the hot seat about her baby story. Plus, Finn “throws” himself into work. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for the week of June 14, 2021.

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9. Nina Returns To Port Chuckles

From the sounds of it, Nina will be back in Port Charles by the week of June 14th. GH spoilers reveal that she has a confrontation with Carly in which Mrs. Corinthos is *gasp* nice to Reeves (if she only knew…). Plus, she’ll meet up with Maxie and offer some support and comfort. Added teasers hint that Nina will also visit Curtis. Will she provide him with a real update on Nixon Falls, or a censored version? The two have always been rather close!

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8. Bobbie Has A Chat With Maxie

Speaking of Jones, she might be in the hot seat this week. Not by Nina, of course, but GH spoilers hint that Bobbie will have a chat with Maxie in the days ahead. Does she question her niece’s story, considering Spencer knew about what Jones was planning, or will Maxie come clean to her aunt?

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7. Austin Offers Insight

Meanwhile, Dante will be busy trying to locate Maxie’s baby (good luck with that!). GH spoilers reveal that Austin will help place the cop on a trail and suggest a specific area that should be searched. Will this lead them to Nurse Chloe’s body? In other related teasers, Maxie will want to see her baby; however, it sounds like BLQ will convince her to stay away.

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6. Dante and Sam

GH spoilers reveal that Dante and Sam will have an unexpected run-in over the coming days. Will they continue to butt heads, or will these two finally learn to get along (wink, wink)? As the weekend rolls around, added teasers imply that Sam will have some questions. Will someone be able to offer answers?

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5. Finn Buries Himself In Work

GH spoilers suggest that Finn will throw himself into work, early this week. Is this in the hopes that he can forget what’s happened as of late? As the days go by, he’ll get an idea that can place him on the right track. Related teasers state that Liz will reassure someone; does this have to do with Finn? In other news, Anna will feel terrible about Peter, and Liz might try to provide her with some peace of mind.

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4. Willow’s World

GH spoilers indicate that BLQ will confide in Willow. What could this be about? As the days go by, Sasha will question Willow’s motives about something. Added teasers reveal that as the weekend hits, Willow will need assistance, and Jackie and Sasha will step up. Does this have to do with Chase and his recovery?

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3. Carly Compares Notes

Across town, Carly and Ava will get together to compare notes. As the days progress, Brando will be concerned about “where he fits in”, and it sounds as if he’ll get a ton of reassurance from Carly. Added teasers imply that Carly will drill Jason in the coming days when he’s not as forthcoming as she’d like. Lastly, Josslyn will get some good news.

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2. Britt and Jason

GH spoilers suggest that Britt will reach out to Jason in the middle of the week. As the days go by, her mom Liesl will worry about her. Will Westbourne’s condition start to worsen so soon? Or could this be about her choice in boyfriends, since it led to over-the-top mob action? In other Jason news, he’ll tear into Nik in the coming days.

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1. More Spoilers!

Molly and TJ will be over the moon when they meet up with Aunt Stella this week, while Ned impresses Olivia with something. Lastly, Laura will try to reason with Jordan in the coming days. Can this help place the ladies on the same page so they can move forward? Here’s hoping!

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