General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 15, 2020)

Published on June 10, 2020.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Wondering what classic episodes will be spotlighted this week? It’s been quite a fun stroll down memory lane, as the soap opera has featured the Nurse’s Ball gala over the years these past three weeks! This week offers a little something different, as the show focuses on one of its most popular, yet controversial, super couples. Below is an overview of GH spoilers for the week of June 15, 2020.

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9. Theme Week

Goodbye Nurse’s Ball, hello CarSon! GH’s theme for this week is the rollercoaster of a relationship that Carly and Sonny have shared over the years. From their good times to their low points, fights, love, and everything in between, Team CarSon fans need to gear up for some classic shows around this classic GH super couple.

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8. Timelines

It’s important to note that this week will spotlight the CarSon relationship from 2007 to 2016, so fans are only privy to Carly #4, played by actress Laura Wright. The theme week will highlight CarSon in their later years, which in some ways has been the healthiest part of their romance, so fans shouldn’t get their hopes up around seeing OG Carly (played by actress Sarah Joy Brown) or Carly #2 (Tamara Braun).

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7. Storylines Covered

From the Metro Court hostage crisis to Sonny struggling with his bipolar condition to their recent remarriage, and the couple grieving Morgan’s passing, GH fans get to relive all the highs and lows CarSon has gone through in the recent years. Expect to see some characters that have been gone for a while pop back onto your daytime screens (looking at you Sabrina, Morgan, and Dante).

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6. Sneak Peek At The Following Week

While this week it’s all about CarSon, next week will be all about JaSam! GH fans get to celebrate yet another extremely popular super couple! Although it seems as if next week’s spotlight on Jason and Sam will be from the couple’s early years, all the way up until before Jason went missing and was thought to have passed in 2012. It should be an interesting watch.

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5. Carly and Sonny Realize They Love Each Other

Rewind to February 7, 2007, this Monday, when it takes a crisis for Carly and Sonny to realize they really do love each other! All joking aside, CarSon will once again declare their undying love for each other, while struggling through the Metro Court hostage situation. It should make for a fun watch.

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4. Sonny’s Mental Health Issues

Originally airing on September 24, 2013, this classic show will focus on Sonny and his mental health issues. For those that may recall a point in time where Sonny decided he didn’t need to be on his meds, this episode showcases how he spirals. Thankfully, Carly can convince him to resume taking them.

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3. Sonny Is in Critical Condition

Fast forward two years later with Wednesday’s show, and a classic episode is showcased circa September 14, 2015. After a shooting takes place, Sonny is in critical condition while his family worries and waits. Carly sits vigil in the hospital’s chapel, reflecting on the couple’s rollercoaster relationship over the years while reading the vows Sonny had written for her.

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2. Carly and Sonny’s Wedding

Fans get to relive CarSon’s most recent wedding, with a classic show dating back to October 14, 2015! One month later, Sonny will have recovered from his gunshot wounds (from Wednesday’s episode), and the two decide to get hitched … for the fourth time! Special appearances by some old character favs fans don’t get to see anymore in Sabrina, Dante, and Morgan!

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1. Morgan’s Passing

Grab some tissues and a bucket of ice cream for Friday’s episode because it’s about to get dark! Originally airing on October 12, 2016, the couple will collectively grieve over their son Morgan’s passing. With that said, Sonny gets blamed for everything that went down, and the finger-pointing comes from Carly. Ouch! Hard episode to watch yet difficult to take your eyes off the drama!

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