General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 17, 2019)

Published on June 13, 2019.

Things continue to heat up this week on General Hospital (GH)! Maxie continues her plan to find Dante; Peter turns to Mac for help; Nina gets a new face; and Jax says “no” to an interesting offer. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of June 17, 2019.

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9. Maxie Follows The Trail

GH spoilers tease that Maxie will continue her scheme in finding Dante, and seems as if a trail she falls upon will lead her closer to his location. Sadly, Lulu and Maxie will have a miscommunication around this, and there will be a ton of confusion as to what Maxie is up to. Seems like trouble for these two BFFs.

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8. Peter Turns To Mac

Speaking of Maxie, GH spoilers state that Peter will call on her stepdad Mac for some help this coming week. He’s still clueless on how to stop Maxie from digging around about Dante, and he may recruit Mac for some assistance on how to ease the situation. Having said that, Mac’s never been able to change Maxie’s mind once it’s been set!

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7. Kim’s Desperate Plea

GH spoilers suggest that Kim will be struggling next week. The grieving process is never an easy one, and in her situation, losing a child can be devastating. Kim will make a plea to someone; however, there is little information on what she is asking for, and who she’ll be asking. The good news is that Elizabeth will offer some support to Kim, so hopefully, she can provide some words of encouragement that help.

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6. Shiloh Versus Alexis

GH spoilers reveal that Alexis will get her button’s pushed by Shiloh. Knowing the Dawn of Day cult leader, he’ll probably dig into the fact that Kristina’s pledge was about Alexis, and that he got her daughter to sell her own mother out. On the flip side, knowing Alexis, she won’t give him an inch and will probably bite back with an earful. In other Alexis spoilers, she’ll try and explain herself to friend Diane.

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5. Hello New Nina!

GH fans need to gear up for a new Nina, as actress Cynthia Watros is set as the recast for the role, and will appear in Port Charles this week. As many may know, the actress who originally played Nina, Michelle Stafford, is headed back to the Young and the Restless to reprise the Phyllis Summers role. It’ll be interesting to see how Watros could change the dynamics and chemistry within the relationships Nina is currently in.

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4. Jax Says No

Speaking of changing things up, there is an interesting spark between Nina and Jax, so here’s hoping Watros can keep that magic alive. In GH spoilers regarding Jax, someone will approach him with an interesting offer, one he’ll flatly decline. Jax is someone who is always “in it to win it,” so if a deal won’t give him anything big in return, he won’t bother.

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3. Valentin Turns To Curtis

GH spoilers tease that Valentin will hunt Curtis down this coming week, looking for some help. Seems like whatever Valentin is asking for may equal out to trouble, as Cassadine will have to do some convincing to get Curtis on board with it. Could this have to do with Sasha? Valentin may need more help covering his tracks.

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2. Sonny’s World

GH spoilers have quite a few spoilers around Sonny this week. First and foremost, he’ll share a nice visit with son Michael; however, as the week progresses, he’ll get another visit from someone in his past. In other related spoilers, Jason will have news to share this week, and Carly will question what he’s planning.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out the teasers this week, Willow will spill a shocking secret that will surprise someone, as Robert feels quite upset over something. Additional GH spoilers indicate that Laura will be more than happy to share what’s on her mind, while Josslyn will start to feel unsettled about something to the point where she becomes suspicious.

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