General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 22, 2020)

Published on June 17, 2020.

Some good news on the horizon, as it seems that daytime soap operas – including General Hospital (GH) – might be gearing up soon to head back into production! The green light has been given as of Friday, June 12th, and as shows look into the details around filming once again, GH fans can continue to enjoy some classic episodes of Port Charles’ past (for now). Below are some GH spoilers for the week of June 22, 2020.

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9. Theme Week

Currently, fans are enjoying a theme week based around the relationship between Sonny and Carly, but next week, it’ll be all about Jason and Sam! As JaSam is one of the show’s most loved super couples, it’s only natural that they are given five days in the spotlight, where fans relive their highs and lows.

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8. Timelines

Go back to where it all began! GH will be airing JaSam-centric episodes that date back to when their love affair first began (circa 2003) right up until 2011, before Jason’s disappearance. Relive the first time Jason Morgan officially met Sam McCall, and all the good, bad, and the ugly that came with their relationship over the years.

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7. Storylines Covered

From when they first met to the iconic episode where Jason tells Sam she’s lost her baby to romantic getaways, proposals, and then finally their wedding, GH has picked some pretty epic JaSam episodes to spotlight this week. Interestingly enough, they have chosen shows before Jason’s return in 2017, so it’ll be an interesting stroll through memory lane next week, as fans watch a JaSam during a time before he was thought to have passed and there were “two Jasons.” You know, before things got messed up for this super couple!

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6. Sneak Peek To The Following Week

As GH fans wait for new episodes (hopefully coming sooner rather than later), it seems as if classic episodes are on the horizon for the week of June 29th as well. What theme will be profiled the following week? The Corinthos kids take center stage, as shows will be featuring storylines that focus on Sonny and his children.

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5. Sam and Jason Meet

Back to this week though! Originally airing on December 3, 2003, Sam and Jason will meet for the first time when they are both arrested around “aiding and abetting” mob boss Sonny. Watch the fireworks between this super couple fly for the first time in an episode that showcases where it all began for JaSam!

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4. Sam’s Baby Passes Away

Fast forward one year later in time for an episode that originally aired on November 10, 2004. By this time, Jason and Sam are a bona fide couple, ready to welcome a baby into this world (Sonny’s baby, but still). Sadly, things get complicated during delivery, and Jason has the agonizing task of telling his love that her baby has passed.

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3. Jason and Sam Go To Hawaii

Enjoy some fun in the sun with Jason and Sam, as the couple travels together to Hawaii! On an episode that originally aired October 12, 2005, fans will get to dive into some romantic beach moments with the couple, as they engage in a friendly (yet competitive) water gunfight. Who ended up winning in the end? Probably Sam!

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2. Jason Proposes

Time jumping six years ahead, GH features a show that originally aired on July 21, 2011! After a ton of drama that kept Sam away from Danny for some time, the couple finally comes together to form a complete family. Jason decides to propose to Sam, using a nut for an engagement ring (temporarily), as he declares his love for her on a rooftop. So romantic!

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1. Sam and Jason Get Married

The big day has arrived! Catch Friday’s show, where fans can relive JaSam’s first (and only) wedding, which originally took place on September 22, 2011. Sam and Jason decide to say their “I do’s” at the Noodle Buddha Chinese restaurant. Everything seemed so right in the JaSam world at that point in time!

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