General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 24, 2019)

Published on June 20, 2019. Updated October 31, 2019

As June comes to a close, it seems as if the drama will continue to heat up in the land of Port Charles. The baby switch storyline will build up this week, while someone in town may befriend Shiloh, and Julian Jerome could have some explaining to do. Learn about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of June 24, 2019.

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9. Kim’s Decision

GH spoilers tease that Kim makes a choice this week that could lead to a meeting with Shiloh. The Dawn of Day cult leader will be summoned to her apartment as the days go by, so one has to wonder if Kim will decide to join the group as a way to heal from Oscar’s death.

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8. Bobbie Suffers A Collapse

GH spoilers suggest that Lucas will confide in his adoptive mom this week, which is a good thing in terms of keeping her in the loop with what is going on in his world. Having said that, she will also have a fainting episode, so here’s hoping her health situation isn’t a dire one.

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7. Ava On Edge

GH spoilers hint that Ava will feel a bit edgy this week. Could this mean that Nelle escapes and takes Ryan along for the ride? If so, it could place Ava with a nervous feeling. Both Nelle and Ryan on the run might also mean more bad news for Brad and his baby switch scandal.

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6. Baby Wiley Storyline Heats Up

Speaking of, GH spoilers are teasing more build up in this storyline. It seems that Julian might have to admit the initial baby that Brad and Lucas adopted is in fact dead. He doesn’t know that the baby is actually Nelle and Michael’s, and Jerome may not foresee the chaos he is about to unleash by making this admittance. As the week unfolds, Alexis will lash out on Julian, so she may not be overly pleased with his role in this baby switch scandal.

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5. Vows Of Protection

Regardless, Julian will make a vow to protect his family this week, which may be the reason why he comes forward with the baby switch in the first place. With Shiloh nipping at the heels to gain custody of Wiley, Jerome may think this is the best way to keep the child safe. In other related spoilers, Brad will be very determined in keeping Wiley and his family safe, but how far will he go to ensure this?

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4. Valentin Upset

GH spoilers are suggesting that Valentin will be upset this week. Could it be that he’ll spot Nina and Jax together, sharing in a moment? Perhaps he’s worried about Sasha and the threat of that secret being exposed? Regardless, something with plague him with worry, and he’ll be troubled about it.

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3. Looking Out For Joss

Both stepdad and dad will be keeping a watchful out for Josslyn this week, as the teen continues to mourn the loss of boyfriend Oscar. First, spoilers state that Jax will offer his daughter a change of pace. Perhaps, he’ll give her a job opportunity to keep her mind off things. Then, Sonny will step in later in the week and ramp up the number of “eyes” that follow his stepdaughter. Corinthos is all about protecting his family.

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2. Michael’s World

GH spoilers suggest that Michael will be all over the place this week! First off, he’ll give Jason a helpful hand with something he’s dealing with. As the week goes by, he’ll go and pay his friend Willow a visit. She may need someone to talk to if the news gets out there her baby was killed in a car crash. While Michael’s baby is still alive, he doesn’t know that, and he’ll be able to support her during this grieving process.

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1. More Spoilers!

Diane will be patiently biding her time this week, while Chase makes an arrest that no one saw coming. Rounding out GH spoilers this week, friends Sam and Curtis take the time to catch up with each other, and Epiphany will offer her support to someone … perhaps Lucas? She may also be there for Liz, as teasers indicate that Franco will get some bad news.

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