General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 27, 2022)

Published on June 22, 2022.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans!? What’s set to unfold in the land of Port Charles next week? Trina’s trial begins, while Spencer may be on the right path (finally), and Sasha reconnects with … Michael? Learn more about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for the week of June 27, 2022.

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9. Trina’s Trial Starts

GH spoilers for the week of June 27th indicate that loved ones will surround Trina as her trial begins. As the days go by, added teasers hint that Spencer will turn to Brad for some help, despite Britt’s reservations; however, it seems the young Cassadine may be on to something that will help Robinson’s case.

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8. Cameron & Spencer Work Together

GH spoilers for the days ahead suggest that Spencer will tell Cam something that could lead to clearing Trina’s name. As the week progresses, added teasers note that the two young men will be on a mission, but things will go awry very quickly. In other news, Esme gets her flirt on with Rory. Will he reciprocate?

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7. Sasha & Michael Reconnect

In some interesting GH spoilers for this coming week, Michael and Sasha will reconnect. Rewinding a bit, Michael will make plans for the next step in his revenge against Sonny, and someone will overhear. Could this be Sasha? Does she question him on what he’s doing? Is that the reason behind their “catch up”? In other news, Millow is interrupted by Cody, while at the Quartermaine stables. 

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6. Sasha’s World

Back to Sasha, she’ll deal with a lot the week of June 27th. GH spoilers hint that Ms. Corbin will prepare for a major TV appearance for Deception and she’ll run into Felty (the slim ball photographer she had issues with) before she does so. As the days go by, added teasers state that things won’t go as planned when the Deception crew arrives on the scene for Sasha’s TV appearance. Lastly, Brando will have a hard choice to make in the aftermath of this all. This doesn’t sound good …

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5. Cody Gets Settled

Cody will not only interact with Michael and Willow this week but with a whole whack of Port Charles residents as he gets “settled” into the little town. GH spoilers state that he’ll hang out with Sam and Dante in the coming days and stun the super couple with a connection he has in the little town. 

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4. Spinelli Intimidates

As the days go by, GH spoilers for the week of June 27th also indicate that Cody will have some “boy” time with Dante and Rocco, when Spinelli catches his eye. Added teasers note that the newcomer will be slightly agitated when he sees Damien. What happens next between these two?

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3. Chase Needs Advice

Across town, GH spoilers reveal that Chase will need advice, so naturally, he’ll turn to Finn and Gregory. In related teasers, BLQ hopes that her “uncle” Sonny can help her with something. In interesting news, an unexpected event at the Metro Court pool leads to some information being revealed. 

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2. Drew’s Proposal To Nina

Before fans freak out, it’s a BUSINESS proposal! In all seriousness, GH spoilers suggest that Drew will propose something to Nina, but will she accept? As the week progresses, Sonny will sense something’s off with Reeves, but will she tell him what’s bothering her? Lastly, Drew will try and explain things to Carly. Sounds like her feathers may be ruffled about his conversation with Nina.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers for the week of June 27th, Britt will be stunned during a conversation with Kevin, while Liesl and Nina talk about their love lives. Across town, Anna will ask Valentin about his loyalty and relationship with Victor, as TJ supports Epiphany when she prepares for a major life milestone.

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