General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 3, 2019)

Published on May 30, 2019.

Another interesting week on tap for General Hospital (GH). Two friends band together in solidarity; a mother-daughter relationship continues to be strained; and one man does all he can to keep his family together. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of June 3, 2019.

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9. Nina & Maxie Band Together

GH spoilers hint that Maxie and Nina will come together in a united front, where both ladies will conspire. Seems like Jax might be the focus of this, as teasers indicate that he will have his sights set on Crimson as a new business venture. Whatever the two ladies have planned, Jax better watch out.

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8. Willow Gets Grilled

GH spoilers suggest poor Willow will be on the receiving end of a grill session by Harmony. She wants to keep Dawn of Day (DoD) and Shiloh as far away as possible, especially from Baby Wiley, so it seems as if Willow will do all she can to fluff off any pressing questions Harmony may have this week.

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7. Curtis Will Risk It All

GH spoilers indicate that Curtis will risk everything, and this probably has to do with Jordan and her ailing health condition. She is in desperate need of a kidney transplant, and with Ryan seemingly a match, Curtis will go above and beyond to save the life of the woman he loves this week.

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6. Julian Goes To The Extremes

Curtis won’t be the only guy in Port Charles risking it all for his family. GH spoilers state that Julian will also cross a line of sorts to protect Lucas and Brad’s family. Teasers seem to indicate that Jerome will corner Willow this week, and make it crystal clear that Wiley should remain with Brad and Lucas, as the current situation they are in is a dire one. Willow will echo those sentiments and support it.

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5. Alexis Warns

GH spoilers hint around a warning issued out by Alexis this week. Could it be towards Shiloh? Despite the fact that Kristina’s pledge, which involved her mom, is safe out of the DoD’s grips, she may still have to worry about it being a threat. She may also have some words for D.A. Margaux, and her potentially protecting the cult leader.

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4. Margaux Won’t Budge

Speaking of, GH spoilers tease that Margaux won’t budge on an issue this coming week at all. Could this have to do with Jason and Sonny’s need to nail Shiloh to the wall? Whatever the argument is, Margaux won’t be persuaded when it comes to her decision. She won’t move an inch.

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3. Franco Continues To Grieve

GH spoilers indicate that Franco will take the time next week to visit Kiki’s grave, on her birthday. With all that has gone down as of late, he’ll possibly reflect on what Kiki meant to him, and their special bond. Having said that, he won’t be the only Port Charles resident to hit the graveyard this week …

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2. Carly’s World

This pregnancy, as most of her pregnancies, hasn’t been the easiest on Carly, and GH spoilers hint that she’ll pay a visit to Morgan’s grave this week. Teasers also state that she will welcome a truce, so perhaps the feud she and Ava have will finally be buried in the past where it belongs.

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1. More Spoilers!

With all that is going on, Liz will work very hard this week to try and lift spirits of friends and loved ones; here’s hoping she can. In other GH spoilers, Sasha will ask Michael out on a date, so seems as if the fake-daughter storyline will roll on for a little while longer after all. What’s with Michael always hooking up with scheming women?

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