General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (May 31, 2021)

Published on May 26, 2021.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Port Charles next week? Anna’s suspicious of Peter, while Laura helps a friend. Also, a phone call leaves Curtis shaken. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for the week of May 31, 2021.

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9. Anna’s Suspicious

GH spoilers imply that Anna will be suspicious of Peter. Does this mean she’ll be onto his little plan? Added teasers hint that Maxie will try and make the best of a bad situation, so things aren’t looking good for her, or her baby, next week. Can Anna stop August, once and for all?

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8. Laura’s World

GH spoilers reveal that Laura will help a friend early on in the week. As the days go by, she’ll stumble upon something that unnerves her. She’ll also have a very emotional conversation with her hubby, Kevin. As the weekend hits, added teasers note that someone will issue a threat to Port Charles’s mayor. Who could this be, and why?

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7. Curtis Is Shaken

GH spoilers suggest that a phone call will leave Curtis shaken, early on in the week. He’ll reach out to Jordan at some point, which might leave viewers wondering how his ex can help. As the days progress, Jordan will also feel very restless about something. Could this have to do with Curtis?

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6. Finn’s Frustrated

GH spoilers indicate that Finn will be very frustrated this coming week. With all that is going on with Chase, who could blame him? He’ll have a tense conversation with Willow, and Gregory will feel as if Hamilton is purposely avoiding him. As the weekend hits, Finn will also have a heated confrontation with Peter August.

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5. Millow Update

Speaking of Willow, GH offers a couple of spoilers around Michael and his “baby momma”. First, Corinthos will be caught off guard this week by an unexpected phone call. Who could it be and why are they reaching out? Lastly, Willow will be sympathetic to someone’s situation. Does this have to do with Chase, or possibly Sasha (and Brando)?

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4. Liz Rips Into Valentin

Finn won’t be the only one feeling frustrated. GH spoilers note that Elizabeth Webber will rip into Valentin Cassadine in the coming days. What could have her this upset? In related spoilers, Peter August will feel as if he’s been placed in a tight corner. Will Anna and Valentin finally be able to nab this guy?

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3. Britt’s Stunned

Over in Canada, GH spoilers state that someone (or something) will catch Britt Westbourne off guard. Could it be added symptoms to her condition, or does someone figure out her and Jason’s location? Despite her health woes, she is still on the run with “Stone Cold”! Will Britt be okay, or is something terrible looming on the horizon for her?

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2. Carly and Jax

These two exes will be quite busy next week! GH spoilers reveal that Carly will get an urgent text from someone in need. Is this for business or personal reasons? Meanwhile, added teasers state that Jax will turn to Olivia and confide in her about something. Why Olivia, and what does Jax need to get off his chest?

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers for the week, Jackie will be sympathetic. Does this concern Chase’s circumstance, or Finn’s? Lastly, the soap opera will be airing a rebroadcasted show on Monday, May 31st, due to the American Memorial Day holiday. (It’s the episode in which the Floating Rib blows up.) GH will resume regular programming as of Tuesday, June 1st.

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