General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 18, 2019)

Published on November 13, 2019.

Seems like another solid week of drama is on tap for General Hospital (GH) fans. A couple continues on shaky ground; two ladies engage in a spat; and a character returns to the land of Port Chuckles. Learn about these stories and others in the GH spoilers for the week of November 18, 2019.

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9. Lucas and Brad’s Confrontation

GH spoilers indicate that Lucas will confront his hubby Brad this week. Will this be the same-old, same-old affair accusations with these two, or will the Baby Wiley storyline finally explode? Or is there something new that has surfaced about Brad to divert the baby switch secret? Here’s hoping Lucas finally learns the truth — this has truly dragged on for long enough.

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8. Julian Targets

In related GH spoilers, it seems as if Julian is far from done when it comes to Brad, which may be what Lucas’ confrontation is all about. Teasers relay that Julian will check out Brad’s schedule this week. Brad should never have thrown Jerome under the bus; he is not a man you want to mess with, especially when it comes to his family.

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7. Kim Versus Hayden

GH spoilers reveal that Hayden will run into Kim in the coming days, and the meeting won’t be a pleasant one. In fact, it seems as if Hayden will give Kim a piece of her mind, and this may have to do with the entire “Dranco” situation. With Hayden and Liz so close, there’s no doubt she’ll want to stick up for her sister and stick it to Kim. In related spoilers, Hayden will feel bullied in the coming days, and will refuse to back down.

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6. Brook Lynn Returns

For longtime GH fans who remember Brook Lynn Ashton, the offspring to once-super couple Ned Ashton and Lois Cerullo, seems as if the character is making a comeback to Port Charles, as Actress Amanda Setton has been recast into the role. Brook Lynn was last seen in the little town in 2011, and will appear on the November 18th episode, so there’s probably plenty that has changed in her life since viewers last saw her.

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5. Mike Update

GH spoilers reveal that Stella will provide an update on how Mike is doing. Will it be a good one, or a bad one? It seems as if Carly will notice some changes in Mike this week as well. In related teasers, Sonny will grow more and more suspicious of something in the coming days. Could it be Carly and the secret she’s agreed to keep under wraps for Jax (and Nikolas)?

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4. Nina’s World

Speaking of, GH spoilers indicate that Nina will be confronted by Jax in the coming days. She’ll also decide to return to the Cassadine mansion to be with Charlotte and Valentin. In other related teasers, Valentin will be overly protective of Charlotte this coming week, but who could blame him after what he and the little girl went through recently with her kidnapping.

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3. Jason Turns To Spinelli

GH spoilers state that Jason will ask for Spinelli’s help in the coming days. This could have to do with Cassandra, and everything that Sam had to go through with her escape. Knowing Damien, he’ll be able to assist Stone Cold with whatever he needs. In related teasers, Sam will feel shaken. Could be the aftermath around this past week’s incident?

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2. Jax and Laura Taken Aback

GH spoilers reveal that Laura and Jax will be taken aback with an unexpected visitor in the coming days. Who could it be? Cassandra? Nikolas? Perhaps Jerry has decided to return to the land of Port Charles? Either way, this will unravel near the end of the week, so fans need to stay tuned.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out this week’s GH spoilers, Finn will get chastised by his brother Chase. Could this be about how he’s handling the Violet/Hayden/Anna situation, or something else? Meanwhile, Monica will get a visit from Franco. The way these two characters are bonding is a beautiful thing, and here’s hoping they can continue to be a source of support for each other.

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