General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 9, 2020)

Published on November 6, 2020.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Time for another exciting week in the land of Port Charles! Julian will confess something, while Nina will inch closer to the truth. Also, Carly discovers something that she wasn’t expecting. Learn more about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of November 9, 2020.

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9. Julian’s Confession

According to GH spoilers for next week, Julian will confess to someone. With that said, who will he turn to and what will he say? With Ryan being stabbed, he has no one who might “tell” on him when it comes to Nelle’s letter and its contents. Well, other than Britt and Cyrus at this point. Does he decide to come clean with Lucas? Jason? Sonny?

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8. Curtis On The Case

GH spoilers hint that an investigation will take Curtis out of town in the coming days. Seems like he’ll have to leave Port Charles to learn more about who Nina’s child is. Added teasers imply that Nina will inch closer to finding out the truth about who her child is. Could this week be the week she finds out Nelle was her daughter?

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7. Carly’s Discovery

Speaking of daughters, GH spoilers indicate that Carly will make an unexpected discovery. Could she find out that Avery has Nelle’s necklace? It won’t take long for her to conclude that it is one-half of the one Nina had if she does. What will Carly do once she figures this all out? In other related teasers, Brando will make Carly a promise.

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6. Peter’s Anxious

Across town, Peter will be anxious, as he waits for an update. Will everything be okay with Maxie, or does this have to do with Anna? She and Valentin are being held captive by Alex right now, but there’s a good chance they’ll escape. Added GH teasers for the week suggest that Cassadine will meet with Martin at some point.

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5. Chase Is Upset

Could Finn, Violet, or Anna be in the hospital? Maybe all of them? GH spoilers hint that Chase will go and pray at the hospital chapel, so he’ll be quite upset about something next week. He’ll even seek solace in the form of Willow, who will help to support him. In other teasers, Chase shares a secret with Brook Lynn.

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4. Willow and Michael

GH spoilers imply some “important” documents set to arrive this week, so it seems that Michael and Willow might have to make a final decision around their annulment. Added teasers reveal that Willow “comes clean” about something. Does she tell Michael she has feelings for Chase? Do these two decide to part ways? In other news, Chase will be taken completely off guard.

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3. Cyrus’ World

GH spoilers state that Cyrus will gain a new hater in town, and Nina will join the long list of Port Charles citizens who have a bone to pick with Renault. He and Lulu will also cross paths next week, so fans should expect a confrontation. In other news, Dante places himself in the line of fire. Will Lulu be in trouble?

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2. Franco and Liz

GH spoilers indicate that Franco will reach out to Scotty next week, and the two will meet. Is this about his brain tumor, or something else? In added teasers, Elizabeth will be very determined about something. Will she sense that Franco is hiding something from her? Could she be “determined” to get to the bottom of things?

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1. More Spoilers!

Robert will be looking for clues this week, while Trina gets a new phone from Portia. Could this be a fun gift or a way for mom to track her daughter? Meanwhile, Ned will swing by to check in on Alexis (here’s hoping these two can keep their hands to themselves), and Monica will try and mend fences between Ned and Brook Lynn later on in the week. Round out GH spoilers, Jason will get an unexpected visitor, while Sonny gets a pleasant surprise.

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