General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (October 15, 2018)

Published on October 15, 2018.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Another week is upon us, and things continue to heat up in the land of Port Charles. Brad will feel the pressure of Nelle; Drew will consider Margaux’s offer; and Sonny will worry about his plan. Learn more about these storylines and more in the GH spoilers for the week of October 15, 2018.

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9. Brad Under Pressure

Brad is dealing with a lot lately, trying to keep his baby-switch scheme under wraps. GH spoilers tease that a brief encounter with Nelle this week will have him in full-on panic mode. Nelle will most likely threaten to spill who Baby Wiley really is, and Brad will be a nervous wreck.

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8. Liz and Sam Chat

GH spoilers hint that Sam and Liz will have a good discussion this week, which will most likely center around Oscar and Drew. They both are very worried about the two, and unfortunately, there is not much more they can do for this father and son pair then provide their support.

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7. Flash Drive On Drew’s Mind

Meanwhile, Drew will continue to mull over the offer Margaux presented to him. While he initially turned down the opportunity to gain his past memories back, he may change his mind. GH spoilers hint that Drew will ponder the idea of gaining access to that flash drive by turning on Sonny. In the end, he’ll make his final (final) decision about it all this week.

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6. Lulu Deals With A Crisis

Lulu’s strained marriage will leave her questioning her future and facing a crisis. GH spoilers state that BFF Maxie will act ‘surprised’ as the week progresses, and they state she’ll ‘play along,’ so this may all be in relation to the “date” Peter and Lulu had. Regardless, Maxie will overhear about the problems Lulu is facing with Dante and offer her a pep talk. In the end, she’ll be a good friend.

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5. Impulsive Cameron

GH spoilers state that Cameron will do something impulsively, and this may mean yet another kiss planted on Josslyn. As Oscar doesn’t want her to know about his condition, Cam will continue to struggle this week, keeping that secret from her. Expect more of the same when it comes to this teen drama GH storyline.

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4. Julian And Alexis

Julian will be surprised by Alexis this week as she visits him to chat about something important. It very well could be that she needs help in regard to one of her daughters, and she may be looking for Julian’s assistance. Either way, these two will be sharing some screen time this week in Port Chuckles.

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3. Sonny Has Reservations

Sonny has some doubts this week, as a conversation he has with Jason is abruptly cut short. His plans against Margaux will kick into high gear as well, and the mob boss may have concerns that this will make things worse at the end of the day instead of better. He’ll try and put everything in perspective.

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2. Kim Gets Support

Kim will turn to Bobbie this week, as she continues to struggle with Oscar and his condition. Bobbie will offer Kim some incredible support, and the two women will bond. Perhaps, with Bobbie losing her step-daughter BJ at such a young age, she can offer Kim the perceptive she needs right now.

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1. More Spoilers!

Additional GH spoilers state that Jason will ask Monica for some help this week, and Ava will share some drinks with a new friend. Meanwhile, Kiki will be inspired by a new idea, and Nina will be left feeling speechless. Lastly, GH spoilers indicate that Jordan will give Curtis some interesting news, and T.J. gives Stella a piece of his mind.

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