General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (October 22, 2018)

Published on October 22, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

As October comes to close, things continue to get more and more interesting in the land of Port Charles. One character will launch a scheme this week; one will leave town; and one will need a ton of help and support from their mom and friend. Learn about these storylines and more in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of October 22, 2018.

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9. Teen Love Triangle Gets Tangled

Josslyn will launch another scheme this week to get Oscar’s attention, and it will involve Cameron. Joss will try and get Oscar to think she’s falling for Cam. Things are sure to get sticky for Cameron this week, as he is not only playing a part in Oscar’s scheme, he also does truly care for Joss. The teen love triangle drama continues …

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8. Oscar’s Illness

While Josslyn tries to launch her scheme, Oscar’s illness will take center stage this week. Firstly, he’ll get some guidance from Kristina, as she takes him under her wing, so to speak. Meanwhile, Drew will turn to Liz to confide in, and Kim will go see Sam. GH spoilers also indicate that Kim will get some help from Julian this week as well.

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7. Kristina Needs Support

GH spoilers tease that Kristina will need some support as she deals with a crisis this week, and Alexis will offer a helping hand. It seems that Jason will also be there to assist Kristina after she hears some terrible news. Thankfully Jason will lend a hand, so hopefully between Alexis and Jason, Kristina can get back on her feet soon.

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6. Sam Leaves Town

Sadly, Sam is leaving town for a little bit because of a message from Spinelli. GH spoilers indicate that Spinelli will reach out to deliver a message, and he will provide some very key updates. Sam will be taken aback by them, and decide to leave Port Charles for some time, most likely to pursue a mission of some sorts.

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5. Franco Impresses Liz

Liz will be quite impressed with Franco this week, as he tries very hard to get Aiden to open up about his issues at school. GH spoilers hint that Aiden’s teacher will reach out this week with concerns that the child is withdrawing from the other kids in the class, and doesn’t want to go outside. Franco will try and connect with Aiden to see where the issue is stemming from, as he knows firsthand how this can feel. Sadly, all his efforts with Aiden fail; however, Liz is grateful for the fact that Franco is trying.

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4. Carly Reaches Out to Stella

GH spoilers indicate that Carly will reach out to Stella this week, someone who has been an incredible source of guidance in Port Charles as of late. Carly has a ton going on in her family, so whether she needs to talk about Mike or Michael, Stella will be able to help. She’s been somewhat close to both situations as of late.

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3. Ava Turns To “Kevin”

Ava will be hit with another hard blow this week, and it seems like all arrows are pointing to the idea that she may reach out to “Kevin” again, who we all know is his evil twin, Ryan. These two are forming an unlikely bond, and Ava will undoubtedly feel crushed once she realizes that she has trusted the wrong twin.

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2. Laura Is Relentless

Speaking of, “Kevin” might be on the verge of getting busted by wifey Laura. It seems all the delays he’s been giving Laura when it comes to getting intimate could be catching up with him. GH spoilers tease a confrontation this week between “Kevin” (really Ryan) and Laura, as she demands some sort of explanation as to why he keeps avoiding her in the bedroom.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers this week: Julian will be quite pleased with a kind gesture from Olivia, which may mean he gets to see his son and spend time with him at some point. It seems that Carly will be shocked about something as the week ends, and so will Finn. Sonny will visit Charlie’s, and Kiki will be grateful for the support she gets from Liz. Finally, Nina will try and pick up the pieces after a crushing blow.

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