General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (September 24, 2018)

Published on September 24, 2018.

While it is officially fall in Port Charles, things continue to heat up on General Hospital (GH). Will Kim and Drew ever tell Oscar about his condition? Will he ever let on that he knows? Is Margaux close to finding out the truth? Learn about these storylines and more, in the GH spoilers for the week of September 24, 2018.

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11. Oscar Hides Truth From Josslyn

Thanks to Cameron spilling the beans, Oscar will start to believe what was told to him; especially with his parents acting so weird lately. Having said that, GH spoilers indicate that Oscar will also fight pretty hard to keep his diagnosis hidden from Josslyn, as he tries to cope with this news.

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10. Drew & Kim Continue To Fight

As Oscar tries to keep things hidden from his gal pal, Kim and Drew will have another fight about their son. Drew wants him to know about his brain tumor, while Kim is clearly still struggling with it. As the week progresses, the two parents pull an all-nighter as they get another opinion on Oscar. It’s going to be a hard time for both Drew and Kim, hopefully they can be there for each other and land on the same page.

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9. Maxie and Lulu At Odds

What else is new with these two besties? GH spoilers tease that Peter will push Maxie away again this week, which will have her wondering about Lulu. She’ll eventually come to the conclusion that the reason Peter is keeping her at arm’s length is because of Lulu. A BFF love triangle is clearly on the horizon.

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8. Lucy & Kevin

Or should we really say Lucy and Ryan? For those long-time fans who know Lucy well, they also know she doesn’t take rejection very well. GH spoilers hint that she won’t accept Kevin’s recent dismissal of her, and she’ll try to persuade him with an invitation of some kind. We all know that Kevin is really Ryan, so it is clear this storyline is heating up nicely.

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7. Michael Apologizes

GH spoilers indicate that Michael will be quite remorseful this week and apologize to his mom for what has gone down in the past. Knowing Carly and the soft spot in her heart for all her kids, she won’t even need the ‘I’m sorry’; however, it should be a nice scene between the two.

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6. Carly’s World

Speaking of Carly, in typical fashion, GH spoilers tease she’ll decide she’ll need to do some digging next week. Things have finally somewhat settled down with the entire Fernecliffe situation, and she’s already poking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Same old Carly, out of one mess and into another. In other Carly news, Mike will turn to her for some help this week.

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5. Sonny & Jason

Sonny will offer an update to Jason this week, as it seems that Margaux might be putting two-and-two together regarding the hidden body. As the week progresses, GH spoilers indicate that Sonny will be left quite shaken. If Margaux is inching closer and closer to the truth, Sonny and Mike may be in a lot of trouble.

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4. Ava Turns To Jason

GH spoilers hint that Ava will reach out to Jason this week, and there is a good chance that Jason may offer support to her. She’s going through a very hard time and did technically help him return to Port Charles all those months ago when they were both in that institution, so it may be time for these two to bond, even just as friends.

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3. Bad News For Stella?

GH spoilers indicate that Jordan and Stella share a drink this week and that Jordan has some bad news. Meanwhile, spoilers state that Curtis will be making strides this week, which is probably in regard to his current case. GH spoilers hint that he’ll finally get some answers.

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2. Jerome Family

Many things happening with Julian Jerome and his kids this week, as GH spoilers indicate that he gives Brad a warning. Spoilers also point to the fact that he’ll be quite frustrated as the week rolls on; however, he does share a special moment with ex, Alexis. In other family news, Sam will pipe up and defend her mom at some point this week.

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1. More Spoilers!

GH spoilers indicate that while Nina gets to spend some quality time with Charlotte; she’ll also decide to hold some information from Valentin. In other spoilers news, Griffin is given the boot, while Kiki feels she is more than ready to move on. Lastly, Anna will be appreciative of Chase.

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