General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (September 30, 2019)

Published on September 25, 2019.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Time to gear up for another great week in the land of Port Charles! Sonny comes to the rescue, while Valentin gets romantic with Nina, and Hayden will turn to Ava for some support. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of September 30, 2019.

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9. Sonny Saves The Day

GH spoilers suggest that Sonny will come to the rescue, just in time. Could he stop Shiloh and save Sam in the nick of time, or could this have to do with Carly and the baby? Seems like there will be some drama this week involving Baby CarSon at some point as well.

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8. Sonny & Carly Hope For The Best

GH spoilers relay that CarSon will pray for a miracle next week, and it most likely has to do with their new baby. Teasers seem to relay that they’ll have to play a waiting game of sorts, so perhaps Carly goes into labor and is admitted into the hospital, and the couple will have to “wait and see” what will happen next when it comes to the arrival of the baby. In other related spoilers, Carly will get a visit from Jax this week, so maybe he’s come to check up on his ex and make sure she’s okay.

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7. Nelle’s Happy

GH spoilers indicate fans will see Nelle onscreen next week, and some pleasant news will reach her that makes her smile. Could it be she hears about all the Shiloh drama? Perhaps she learns that Wiley is safe and no harm had been done to him after all. Regardless, Nelle will be pleased with the outcome.

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6. Valentin’s Romantic Gesture

On the other side of town, Valentine will do something romantically sweet for Nina to relay his love for her. Seems like she’ll eat it all up with a spoon, as GH spoilers reveal that she’ll remain in the dark about the entire Sasha secret in the coming days. For one reason or another, she still won’t learn the truth. Hopefully soon!

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5. Hayden Turns To Ava

GH spoilers tease that Hayden confides in Ava this week, which may leave many fans puzzled. The two aren’t really in each other’s realms when it comes to storylines, and they don’t really have a past history of friendship together either. What will have them bonding in the coming days? Nikolas, maybe? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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4. Julian Is Heartbroken

Seems as if Julian may find out about Kim’s hook up with Dranco after all, and it could very well be in the coming days. GH spoilers hint that Julian’s heart will be broken, and with Kim’s indiscretion, it only seems right that he learns about her one-night stand this week. He may also find out she was ready to leave town with Dranco as well.

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3. Kim Makes A Vow

Speaking of, GH spoilers suggest that Kim will make a promise to someone this week. Most likely it’s Dranco, as Julian will probably find out what happened between the two and leave Kim for good. Not that she’ll be that heartbroken, as she is currently quite infatuated with Franco, despite the fact that he isn’t really Drew Cain. Does she make a promise to him? Most likely!

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2. Laura’s World

As mayor of Port Charles, Laura will be all over town next week! First off, she’ll meet up with Curtis, and discuss things over lunch. Secondly, she’ll have a chat with Kevin. He’ll believe she’s got a hidden agenda, so maybe he’s on to what she’s up to. In other relates teasers, Lulu will confess something to Dustin. Seems like these two just keep getting closer and closer.

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1. More Spoilers!

Dev and Jason will have a talk, while Jordan will remain persistent. Meanwhile, Maxie will finish up with preparations next week, and Alexis will feel relieved about a situation. Last, but not least, Diane will ask for more information, so she could be gearing up for a new case. Here’s hoping Sonny or Jason don’t find themselves in massive legal woes, but this could have to do with Dev.

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