General Hospital: Spoilers For Winter 2020

Published on December 17, 2019.

Winter can be a drag in some ways. The cold, the snow, less sunlight, and staying indoors; however, if you live in the land of Port Charles, this season is anything but dreary. Learn what will happen to Carly, Franco, Elizabeth, Sonny, JaSam, Ava, the Cassadines, and others in the next few months by reading the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the 2019/2020 winter season!

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12. A Dickens Port Charles Christmas

While GH will be preempted for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, spoilers for the show promise an episode with a “Dickensian” twist right before these big days arrive. Will this go side-by-side with other storylines, or will fans be privy to a show where Port Charles characters re-enact the Scrooge classic? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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11. Nelle Won’t Give Up

GH spoilers indicate that Nelle will not give up on her quest for freedom before the new year hits. She’ll be insistent about something, so perhaps she pulls a scheme in the hospital to ensure her stay is a bit longer. She’s got her eye on the prize, and she’ll do anything to make sure her plan goes off without a hitch.

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10. Lucas’ Condition

Doesn’t look like a Christmas miracle for Brad this year. While Lucas is stable, it doesn’t seem as if he’ll be waking up from his coma before the holidays hit. GH spoilers tease that Carly will be distraught in the coming weeks, and she may just be frustrated that Lucas won’t be awake before Christmas or New Year’s Eve, which will leave the Baby Wiley secret storyline still lingering in early 2020.

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9. Nelle Blows It Up

If Nelle gets what she wants by getting out of her jail sentence, she’ll be more than ready to turn her attention to Wiley. Whether or not Lucas wakes up, she’ll be up for the challenge of motherhood come the new year, and she may be the very person to finally tell Michael the truth about who Wiley really is.

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8. Nelle Gets Custody Of Wiley

Once Nelle states that Wiley is hers, all it will take is a simple test to prove she is right. She may end up fighting Brad for custody of the child, and if he relays his side of the story, Brad and Lucas have zero chance of keeping Wiley. With the money Nelle is set to inherit, she could very well win a custody battle against Michael too. Things around this storyline should very well start to heat up in January.


7. Danny’s Wish

GH spoilers indicate that all little Danny Morgan wants for Christmas this year is for Sam to come home; he’ll even ask Santa for it when Jason takes him and Scout or a visit. It doesn’t look too good for the Christmas, as Sam would require a miracle to be released right before the holidays; however, maybe in time for the new year?

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6. Sam’s Released

Harmony was recently released from Pentonville due to overcrowding and good behavior, with Laura mentioning the situation at the jail as well some days ago. Could this be leading up to a storyline around Sam’s release? Yes, she was found guilty of killing Shiloh, but it was not premeditated, and she’s played nice in jail – even staying behind and helping out a guard when Cassandra escaped. Could this idea be brought forth to allow Sam her freedom? Sounds like a possibility come January.

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5. Franco’s New Year

There is a very good chance that Franco will have his memory back by the holidays, which means Friz and family will have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year’s Eve. With that said, Franco has missed out on a lot the past few months. Will he struggle around those who have left the little town, and all he did as Dranco? Liz and Franco will have to continue to fight for their “happily ever after.”

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4. Lucy Returns!

Great news for fans of actress Lynn Herring, who plays the quirky yet loveable Lucy Coe! GH spoilers state she is headed back to the land of Port Charles in the new year! It seems as if she’ll be putting her realtor hat on and appearing on the January 9th episode, so fans better stay tuned. Will someone be looking to buy, sell, or rent a house?

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3. Bidding War

Everyone’s gearing up to bid on Helena Cassadine’s painting, and it seems as if the two people who will go back and forth on it will be none other than Valentin and Laura. With that said, GH spoilers are hinting that Valentin will be the winner of the portrait in the end, and will have no issues on shoving it in everyone’s face once he has scored the painting.

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2. The Codicil Is Gone

Wouldn’t it be interesting if there was a weird plot twist that saw Ava take (and hide) the codicil? While the painting did have one in there before all this fuss, GH fans know that she and Nina are working on a plan to get back at both Cassadine men. So, perhaps Valentin’s celebration around the painting will be short-lived.

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1. Plot Twist With Valentin

It’s been interesting how much Claudette’s name, and Charlotte’s origins in the little town, have come to the forefront as of late! GH spoilers hint a plot twist in Valentin’s story in the near future, something that could very well have to do with Charlotte. What if it ended up that Charlotte wasn’t really his biological daughter? It would definitely be karma circling back to bite him in the rear for what he did to Nina with Sasha.

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