General Hospital: Spoilers For Winter 2021

Published on January 20, 2021.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Winter can offer snowstorms, cold temperatures, and icy conditions; however, in the land of Port Charles, this season can also offer new romances, adventures, and drama! Learn more about what will happen in the coming months to Jason, Britt, Sam, Olivia, and Alexis with the GH spoilers for the winter of 2021.

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12. Nina Is Stunned Over A Turn Of Unexpected Events

GH spoilers hint that Nina will be taken aback when some unexpected events come to light. While she’s currently concluded that searching for her bio daughter is better left on hold, added teasers hint she may embark on this search once again in the coming weeks. She might have a partner in crime as well.

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11. Valentin Could Play A Role In This

GH spoilers for the coming weeks reveal that Nina’s curiosity will be piqued. It also seems as if she’ll be on a search for more answers. Who will be by her side to help? Well, Valentin Cassadine, of course! While Jax has tried to steer Nina away from searching for her bio daughter because he knows it’s Nelle Benson, Cassadine may be Nina’s only “partner in crime” to encourage her to move forward.

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10. The Avery Factor

Nina and Ava have become close. With Joss handing over Avery’s necklace to Ava recently, it might not take that long for Nina to put two-and-two together. She’ll embark on a new search for her bio daughter, with Valentin by her side, and there’s a good chance she could stumble into Ava and Avery. Nina would have a lot of questions for the little girl.

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9. Sonny Will Be Out Of The Picture For A While

With Nina’s nurse Phyllis back in the picture, it might be only a matter of time before Nina learns that Sonny is alive. With that said, GH spoilers imply it will be a long while before this is revealed. Fans better hold on because there will be quite a road ahead for Carly and Sonny before he gets back “home.”

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8. Carly Turns To Jax

While there has been a ton of speculation around Carly and Jason hooking up, Carly has also been gravitating towards her ex, Jax, recently. GH’s spoilers tease that with Sonny thought to be gone for good, relationships and dynamics will change in Port Charles, especially where Carly is concerned. With the secrets they hold right now, they’ll continue to bond. GH spoilers also reveal that Carly will reach out for help in the coming weeks, but teasers are cryptic about who that “someone” is. Could it be Jax?

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7. Major Repercussions For Carly and Jax

GH spoilers state that Carly’s world will be “rocked” when “a truth” comes to light. In fact, added teasers come right out to state that the truth about Nelle and her “roots” will be revealed, and Carly and Jax will face some major repercussions. Sounds as if Nina will not only find out that Benson is her daughter, but that Carly and Jax kept the entire thing under wraps.

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6. Siblings At War

GH spoilers indicate that Laura and Cyrus will continue to butt heads over the winter months when it comes to the hospital and how Renault is running it. With that said, while Martin has remained impartial between the two, added teasers suggest that this might not be the case for that much longer. Whose side will he gear towards?

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5. Will JaSam Stay Apart?

GH spoilers hint that romantic options might be on the horizon for both Jason and Sam. They are apart, despite the love between them, and while they aren’t “interested” in anyone else (yet), this could all change as the winter months progress. Will Dante be someone Sam gravitates to? Can Britt help Jason forget about Sam?

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4. Sean Donely Honored

Recent news of actor John Reilly’s passing has left many soap opera fans and stars in mourning. The actor played a pivotal role on GH during the mid-80s and 1990s as the beloved Sean Donely. GH spoilers promise that an episode honoring Reilly and Donely is being organized, and will air sometime in the near future.

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3. Friz Faces Their Biggest Challenge Yet

GH winter spoilers hint that Franco and Elizabeth are set to face their “biggest challenge” to date. Added teasers imply that everything they’ve gone through in the past might have set them up for what they are about to face. A “dark cloud” will loom over the Friz couple in the winter months. Can they move forward after all the chips fall?

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2. Double Wedding Time

GH spoilers don’t provide much detail as it relates to the double wedding of Finn and Ann, plus Peter and Maxie. While there are zero hints around whether or not these couples say, “I do,” teasers do imply that there are some “rocky” times ahead for both couples as the big wedding day approaches.

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1. More Spoilers!

GH spoilers for the winter imply that Liesl Obrecht might be willing to trade her friendship with Franco to serve her own purposes of bringing Peter down. Meanwhile, Alexis will finally come to the realization that she does need help, and Curtis will struggle with forgiving Jordan and trusting her again.

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