General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 8, 2019)

Published on July 4, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019

Summertime storylines continue to heat up on General Hospital (GH) this week. Fans will see some wedding celebrations, a secret is revealed, there’s more Dante drama, and Oscar’s will reading will cause some chaos. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of July 8, 2019.

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9. Friz’s Wedding Reception

GH spoilers indicate that Franco and Elizabeth will gather friends and family for their wedding reception, and while the couple will enjoy basking in the celebration of their love, some secrets could be revealed during the entire affair. Will the truth about Baby Wiley be revealed, or should Valentin be worried that Nina will find out about Sasha not really being her daughter?

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8. Liesl Turns To Franco

It’s hard to say what drama will exactly unfold during Friz’s wedding celebrations; however, GH spoilers do indicate that Liesl will confide in Franco and may end up telling him a bit too much. Valentin and Sasha could feel the heat, as teasers hint that Nina’s “daughter” will make a risky choice this week. Meanwhile, Jax and Nina will get into the groove of working together.

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7. Baby Wiley Secret Exposed

Having said that, GH spoilers also tease that the baby switch secret may be revealed this week. Teasers indicate that Lucas will turn to sister Sam for some support, and Willow will have to do some healing, so it seems that Brad may come clean around the fact that the original baby they had adopted passed away. The real question is, will the truth around Wiley’s true parents come out too? This could hang for a bit to extend the storyline.

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6. Bobbie’s Health

GH spoilers suggest that Bobbie just may pass out again, bringing her type 2 diabetes condition back into the forefront within storylines this week. The only silver lining around all this is that Scotty will offer his support to her and refuse to leave her side. Baldwin can be such a sly character, so it’s nice when he shows his sweet side now and again.

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5. Oscar’s Will Reading

GH spoilers seem to be hinting that Oscar Nero’s will reading, which takes place this week, will get a little crazy. In fact, teasers are implying it’ll take an unexpected turn. How will this affect Kim, Drew, Josslyn, and Cameron? Could the Dawn of Day cult and Shiloh somehow get involved in all this?

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4. Kim’s World

Speaking of, Kim will be all over the place in the coming days. She’ll most likely be at the will reading, and she’ll start off this week looking forward to celebrating Elizabeth and Franco’s wedding. As the days go by, she’ll be full of apologies, so there may be a good chance that DoD is a part of Oscar’s will. After all, she was the one who took the teen to attend seminars before his passing.

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3. Dante Drama

GH spoilers indicate that many will have Dante on the mind this week. First thing’s first, Laura will urge Lulu to go after her hubby and bring him home. Additionally, Maxie will have her mind made up on confronting Dante near the end of the week. But, will she do it or get stopped before she can give him a piece of her mind?

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2. Jason Offers A Warning

GH spoilers indicate that Jason will provide a warning of sorts. It seems as if his belief will be that Sonny is losing control of a situation, and Jason will step in to help out. Could this be about Shiloh, Dev, or even Carly’s pregnancy? So much going on in the world of Corinthos right now, it could either of these things or more, so it’ll be interesting as to what problem Jason helps Sonny out with this week.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding up GH spoilers this week, Jax will be given a pleasant surprise — could this have to do with Nina? Meanwhile, Alexis will help Olivia with something, while Ava will feel distraught over a situation. Last, but not least, Sam will feel relieved over a situation … could Shiloh finally be put in his place this week?

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