Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Some People Think MLK Is Still Alive

Published on January 20, 2015.
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On Monday January 19, Martin Luther King Day, Jimmy Kimmel did a special edition of his “Lie Witness News” segment with shocking results.

For the segment Kimmel sends a fake news crew out to ask people to comment on a fake news story to see how many people will buy into it, “Usually it takes us a while to find enough people who are dopey enough to put a whole thing together, sometimes it takes hours out there,” Kimmel explained, “But today, this took almost no time at all.”

While the segment is always good for hilarious answers, for so many people to not question Martin Luther King, Jr. supposedly giving a speech that very morning is disturbing given the significance of his life and death to American history.

It was clear some didn’t want to admit they didn’t know about the event (the supposed speech) they were being asked about and simply responded with vague answers.

One individual was asked if he thought that MLK’s Monday January 19, 2015’s speech was “the same or better” than his iconic 1963 speech and responded with, “I wouldn’t say same or better…just very current for today.”

Someone else even went on┬áto comment that he was “shocked” and wondered “how could it happen” because he hadn’t “heard him talk for a while.”

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Watch the clip below to see the full extent of people’s ignorance.

Things You Might Not Know About Jimmy Kimmel

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Things You Might Not Know About Jimmy Kimmel

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