Andi Dorfman In Tears Discussing Split From Josh Murray

Published on February 17, 2015.
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In early January, The Bachelorette’s season 10 contestant Andi Dorfman season 10 winner Josh Murray announced they were splitting after five months of a seemingly happy engagement.

At the time they stated, “We have decided that it’s best for both of us to go our separate ways. We are very sad that it has come to this point, but this is what’s best for both of us individually. We will continue to be good friends and have nothing but great things to say about each other and wish each other the best.”

On Sunday (Feb. 15) Dorfman finally opened up about the surprise split while on “The Bachelor Tells All” telling host Chris Harrison tearfully, “I didn’t even think, I knew. I didn’t even think I found the one, I didn’t think I found my soul mate. I knew it. I was 100% sure, I knew.”

The confidence she had in her relationship with Murray is what made the break-up even more difficult, calling the broken engagement “the biggest failure of my life.”

Dorfman then explained that a few days before they announced they split, they walked the red carpet for the première of the current season of The Bachelor and while the two seemed close and in love, it was that night she realized the relationship was over.

“Having people ask about wedding dates and then seeing the other happy couples and people planning weddings, we had to ask ourselves, ‘Why aren’t we planning a wedding? Let’s just be honest – why is it that we don’t have  date?’…That trip was very eye-opening.”

Dorfman also explained that the split was mutual after they couldn’t give each other the support they needed, “[We] were both very aware of the fact that we just didn’t better each other. I didn’t feel supported and empowered and I don’t think I gave him that support and empowerment that he needed.”

While she also said she “will always love him,” she admitted the two are currently not speaking, “There’s a lot of emotion there so it’s hard to keep a positive, healthy relationship going on now, and I think both of us get upset about each other’s actions and we’re just…it’s not a healthy place right now.”

Check out Andi’s 3-part interview below:

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