Bachelor in Paradise’s Victoria Fuller Confirms Relationship with Greg Grippo

Published on November 23, 2022.


After weeks of speculation, Victoria Fuller opened up on the Bachelor in Paradise finale about her relationship status.

The Bachelor in Paradise finale showed Fuller accepting a proposal from Johnny DePhilipo on the beach in Mexico. At the reunion, however, it was announced that the two had broken up and Fuller has since moved on to Greg Grippo from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.

Host Jesse Palmer questioned Victoria about whether she cheated on DePhillipo with Grippo. “Absolutely not,” Fuller insisted.

When given the chance to tell his side, DePhilipo shared: “I still consider talking to someone else while we’re working on our issues cheating or emotional cheating.”

After DePhillipo left the stage, Palmer asked Grippo to come out. “We’ve been friends for a while. We met last year through mutual friends,” Grippo explained of how he met Fuller. He also explained that he and Fuller rekindled their relationship in the weeks after she returned from Paradise.

“I was like, you know what, we’re at this moment where we’re really interested in one another and I was like, I want to take you out for a drink,” Grippo said. “So, you want to go to Rome in two days?”

“We couldn’t go and get a drink in New York City or Nashville,” Fuller explained further. “So we’re like, okay, we’ll go to Europe, and maybe see, test it out, see how we fit.”

Fuller explained that she didn’t care if people didn’t perceive her relationship with Grippo favorably. “No one has to understand it or get it and that’s okay,” she said.

Bachelor in Paradise‘s season 8 finale aired on ABC.

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