Channing Tatum Talks Magic Mike XXL And Joe Manganiello’s Dance Moves

Published on March 20, 2015.
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The success of 2012’s Magic Mike had a lot to do with the magic man himself played by Channing Tatum, who was already well loved for his good looks and sense of humor without taking his clothes off, but it certainly didn’t do any harm when he did.

While many are highly anticipating the film’s sequel, Magic Mike XXL, due out this summer, there is some competition for the hottest Magic Mike dancer with Joe Manganiello garnering himself a lot of attention.

Even Tatum, who has a past in stripping, can’t help but praise Manganiello’s talent. “It is terrifyingly unreal when he dances,” Tatum told Entertainment Tonight. “He’s going to blow people’s minds in this movie,” while also revealing that this film is a road trip movie but he prefers to call it a “stripper odyssey” of course.

Manganiello himself also dished some details about the secrets behind his dancing skills, admitting that not only has his fiancee Sofia Vergara seen his moves, she has showed him a few things as well.

He also talked a bit about the plot of the sequel especially since at the end of the last film, it seemed Magic Mike was done with stripping forever, “Well when you last saw him he had the girl, he had the job, you know he had these hopes, and dreams. So ya, it took a bit of coercing,” he revealed of getting Mike to take the road trip with the guys.

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Check out what the guys had to say about the film below!

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