Did Kate Middleton Just Take A Style Tip From Meghan Markle?

Published on December 6, 2018.
Source: Press Association

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is known for her chic tailored dresses and skirts, which is why we had to do a double take when she stepped out on a visit to Cyprus wearing a pair of wide leg trousers!

By now, we’re used to seeing the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, wearing trousers. At first, it came as a surprise since it’s a rarity among royal women to opt for trousers over dresses, but over time, it became a go-to look for her. Kate Middleton, however, has always favored dresses, which is why her decision to opt for trousers came as somewhat of a shock.

In all honesty, the wide leg trouser on Middleton feels quite refreshing and modern. She paired the trousers with an olive green blazer with a matching clutch and pointed toe stilettos. She accessorized even further by adding a chunky emerald belt, which really emphasized her tiny waist among the loose fabric of the trousers. In our opinion, this outfit was styled to perfection and we hope to see Middleton opting for trousers even more in the new year after this striking look!

Check out the full outfit below:

Source: Press Association Source: Press Association
Kate Middleton Looks That The Queen Wouldn’t Approve Of

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Looks That The Queen Wouldn’t Approve Of

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