Full House Cast Reunites And Rocks Theme Song

Published on January 26, 2015.
Source: Instagram

Let’s all say it together… Have mercy.

John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, Candace Cameron-Bure, Andrea (used to be) Barber, Jodie Sweetin, Bob Saget: They were all in attendance for the birthday party of Full House creator, Jeff Franklin. This was a big one for Jeff, because he turned 60. 60!

As part of his epic birthday celebration with a live band, and the enjoyment of friends and family, the former cast members of Full House who were in attendance, took to the stage and performed the show’s theme song for Jeff and the appreciative audience. Ahhh ahhh ah… shoebeedo bop ba da.

Brass tacks. When are cameras really going to roll on this cast of characters again? Not in docu-form, but in a scripted comedy setting? If only we had assurance that it would happen. More than a tease that they’ve been playing with ideas. Need they look any further than the success of Disney’s Girl Meets World?

Breaking down the potential, who would have thought everyone in this cast would have grown up to be–or stay–so beautiful over the years? (I’m raising my hand.) John Stamos and Lori Loughlin were a TV couple made in heaven, and they still look amazing to this day. Perhaps it’s moot, but it wouldn’t be too much to suggest that they look even better now with a few years of good livin’ under their belts.

And Candace Cameron Bure. She’s a beauty. Jodie Sweetin? She’s one of the most beautiful recovering addicts you’d ever lay eyes on. How she escaped the torment of that traditional ugliness, we’ll never know, but more power to her.

We know they could get at least one of the Olsen twins to join the mix, but if they weren’t interested, just ask their younger sister Elizabeth to play Michelle. It’d work.

So, Jeff Franklin, our message at Fame10 to you: Happy 60th. And seriously man, make this reunion happen!

To see the cast lay down “Everywhere You Look,” check out the video below.

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