Grammys Slammed For Domestic Violence Message But Nominating Chris Brown, R. Kelly

Published on February 9, 2015.
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When there is a huge Hollywood event there is without a doubt going to be controversy, however big or however little, someone takes an issue with something.

While everyone who watched the awards show are well aware of Kanye West almost going all “Imma let you finish” on Beck,  there were much bigger issues attended to during the show and now many are attacking the Grammys for the mixed messages that were presumably sent regarding domestic violence.

Everyone was enjoying the excitement and high energy performances, but then the night switched tones quickly when they did a segment focusing on domestic violence awareness beginning with a clip from President Barack Obama.

In the recorded speech Obama stated, “Together we can change our culture for the better by ending violence against women and girls. Its not okay and it has to stop. Artists have a unique power to change minds and attitudes and get us thinking and talking about what matters,” while also revealing staggering statistics.

After his statement, domestic abuse survivor Brooke Axtell took the stage to talk about her experience and introduce Katy Perry to sing her ballad, “By the Grace of God.”

Although the message and raising awareness was very important and a great addition to the awards show, many viewers instantly criticized the Grammys for being hypocritical as they were nominating and potentially honoring known abusers, Chris Brown and R. Kelly.

On social media the critics wrote things such as, “Yeah, good job standing up to rape and domestic violence, Grammys, R. Kelly and Chris Brown noms really showed where it’s at.,” and “Hope Chris Brown is listening!! So fun! #grammys.”

R. Kelly was not present at the show and did not comment on the backlash, however Brown was there and reportedly responded to one commentor on Twitter before deleting the tweet. He did go on to post, “Hold your head up and be great.” Neither man won in their nominated categories.

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